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A-149 Gryphon problem with destroying FUEL
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vehicle player setHit ["HitFuelL", 1];
vehicle player setHit ["HitFuelR", 1];
vehicle player setHit ["HitFuel", 1];
This commands doesn't have effect

U need use
vehicle player setHit ["hitfuelx", 1];

In my opinion this situation happens cause problem with names of selections.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Hello. Thank you for the report.

Interesting we will have a look at it. Though if you want to damage some parts of a vehicles it is better to use setHitPointDamage instead and it will damage it.

vehicle player setHitPointDamage ["HitFuel", 1]


Thank you for this command, don't know about it.

If u execute vehicle player setHitPointDamage ["HitFuel", 1]; it's destroy hitfuelx selection
But if u run vehicle player setHit ["HitFuel", 1]; - hitfuel selection is down (HitFuelL - hitpoint)

This ticket need close as duplicate of T126642

Hi. The initial comment / bug report is not valid. You are supplying wrong input to setHit command.

I will show it on the example of the Gryphon plane, where I damage hitpoint 'HitFuel' to 1:

//destruction through setHitPointDamage
_plane setHitPointDamage ["HitFuel",1];

//destruction through setHit
_plane setHit [gettext(configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "I_Plane_Fighter_04_F" >> "HitPoints" >> "HitFuel" >> "name"),1];

I admit it is not super-clear described on community wiki, but I hope it's clear now.