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[Request] Option to run Workdrive silent on startup
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Based on this comment on one of the tickets here :

P Drive has been reworked from scratch more than a year ago to bypass the UAC. If Arma 3 Tools is ran as a normal user, then, the drive P will be mounted for both, users and administrators.

Note: Regarding the drive P and how it works from the Arma 3 Tools Launcher, nothing has changed since almost a year.

workdrive should skip UAC, but that is not true for Windows 10 Pro, I cant tell for other OS, but on each PC startup I get a UAC prompt to let Workdrive mount the project drive.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Set the Workdrive in Arma3 Steam Tools to run on startup
  • Reboot
  • Observe UAC prompt dialogue
Additional Information

It would be a nice day if I would not have to allow Workdrive to run each time I power on, reboot or login to my PC account, in fact since I want to allow it to run on each startup, an option to fire and forget would be nice.

Set it to run and forget that it exists, so an option to skip UAC, and run silent would be much appreciated.

I tried to skip this by setting it to run as administrator but then it wont launch at all.

Here my latest Workdrive RPT

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Jastreb created this task.Jul 9 2017, 7:55 PM

This was prior Work Drive, however, maybe the phrasing isn't ideal :)

Work Drives mounts the project drive for both, the user and the administrator level because of programs run with elevated privileges can't see drives mounted from the user level only and the opposite as well. It mounts first the drive for the user level, then for the admin, the latter triggering the UAC (depending on your Windows settings).

I could potentially add a new startup parameter to skip the UAC but the drive wouldn't be mounted for the administrator level which could lead to some problems.

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This comment was removed by BIS_fnc_KK.