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Eden allows vehicle variable names to start with an underscore
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Eden allows vehicle variable names to start with an underscore.

This is game breaking and causes all sorts of errors due to a vehicle variable name also being converted into a missionNamespace ( Global ) variable.

IMHO Eden should not allow the Object variable name attribute to start with an underscore.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  • Start Arma a fresh
  • Open editor
  • Place player
  • Place another unit and set its vehicle variable name attribute to _bob
  • Preview mission
  • Return to editor
  • Preview again
  • Errors thrown with "Local variable in Global space"
Additional Information

Does not always happen on first preview but as per the steps above as soon as you preview a second time "Local variable in Global space" errors are thrown.

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