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ARMA 3 access violation crash, every time every SP, MP
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about 3 months ago, game suddenly crashed and it happen every time (access violation)
i tried all i can do in community wiki and remove all mods and files (include ARMA3 file in Doc) and make clean re install but nothing changed.
i don't know what to do plz someone help me.


Unable To Duplicate
Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

if running time over time 15min, it crash again

Additional Information

im using windows 10 home edition, OS build is 15063.138 and DirectX 12

here's all i have crash infos.

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after I purchased arma 3 from steam I down loaded it and tried to play it and I received a access violation error or you have been kicked out of the game after I got into a missions can you help me It seems like a real fun game I have tried everything I have went to the web sight received help from support went to the fix page and tried all those steps and still nothing support told me to come here to get help from the devs


severity crash

resolution open

reproducibility always

operating system windows 10 pro

operating system version 1703

category game crash

steps to reproduce

few seconds after I load into a mission or while I'm playing the tutorial when I get to the part where the tank spawns

steps to reproduce a few seconds or minutes after starting a mission

additional information

I'm using windows 10 pro OS build is 15063.138 and directx 12

Same thing for me now again.. This happened not long back, a month maybe slightly more, and went on for well over a week. The same nonsense is going on once again. If you read through the help files, it of course lays the blame at the feet of the user, HOWEVER, it isn't too tough to read the reports and see that the highest probability for the access error is the code being sent either to the incorrect location, in the improper format, OR repeating the code too many times while trying to join with the atrocity that is MS. MY reports do not say which it is, only that either one of my first 2 options I mentioned is happening. Now I can fix this, by deleting every single thing that has anything to do with ARMA3, and grabbing it all again. That solution works for a whole 30 minutes to an hour, OR if it does last for longer, it corrects itself (by breaking itself) on server restart. Once the files get updated then, just like the last time, if I wish to play I have to spend 2-3 more hours deleting and redownloading each file. No, that doesn't work, tried. it. even if I copy the downloaded files first pass they are somehow still fouled.
I have managed to fix the memory access violation issue, BUT, it gets replaced with a namespace passthrough yada yada yada error... which I can fix also. THAT just takes me right back to access violation. I like the game, its just a shame it spends more time broken that it does working. Like the other users I am also win10.. 1607 MS busted crap build and now they have DX stuck in the updates. Forced those of us who blocked their updates to unblock them. It would be awesome if updates were actually tested. This has been an issue since what 1.66? then 1.68 broke all doors and now the whole game is useless. You do realize that this exact same error has been in game since it was in testing.

Severity CRASH.. No one should ever need to fill this out as long as this has been here
resolution OPEN for 4 years
reproduce YOU BET just load the game
OS win10
version 1607
category same as its been for 4 years GAME CRASHES
steps to produce.. Just click join. right as it should be loading in, down it goes.
reproduction simply try to play.

Additional info..
I am a server owner, which is changing in 2 days unless this is fixed.
I haven't tried to play the normal game. .MP games only.
I can't see that a report log is needed. It didn't help last time.. I ended up fixing it myself by pulling files from a computer that had not been updated by steam on behalf of ARMA3, and turning off everything I could find that would cause anything to update. My guess is this has something to do with CUP or CBA. They all updated and since that DL update this has been happening. May as well test my theory out and kill CUP.. but CBA is needed by about everything. Yes, I am well aware of that.. But at the same time, you may not support MOD versions because they have nothing to do with you.. I disagree. If the whole of the MOD community did as I am about to do and quit. It would have a lot to do with you.

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