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Feb 20 2017, 8:52 AM (129 w, 5 d)

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Jun 12 2019

jalisar63 added a comment to T123423: Arama 3 Troubleshooting 0x0000DEAD.

Strange that I didn't get notification of the request for crash dumps, but over a year later I got the notification of things being resolved/obsolete and closed lol. I don't know that I would say that this issue has ever been "resolved".. Perhaps that is, in part, due to there being so many variations of the overall crash, or perhaps due to the majority of people rarely have this error happen more than a few times in the life of a computer.

Jun 12 2019, 8:24 PM · Arma 3

Apr 29 2017

jalisar63 added a comment to T124608: ARMA 3 access violation crash, every time every SP, MP.

Same thing for me now again.. This happened not long back, a month maybe slightly more, and went on for well over a week. The same nonsense is going on once again. If you read through the help files, it of course lays the blame at the feet of the user, HOWEVER, it isn't too tough to read the reports and see that the highest probability for the access error is the code being sent either to the incorrect location, in the improper format, OR repeating the code too many times while trying to join with the atrocity that is MS. MY reports do not say which it is, only that either one of my first 2 options I mentioned is happening. Now I can fix this, by deleting every single thing that has anything to do with ARMA3, and grabbing it all again. That solution works for a whole 30 minutes to an hour, OR if it does last for longer, it corrects itself (by breaking itself) on server restart. Once the files get updated then, just like the last time, if I wish to play I have to spend 2-3 more hours deleting and redownloading each file. No, that doesn't work, tried. it. even if I copy the downloaded files first pass they are somehow still fouled.
I have managed to fix the memory access violation issue, BUT, it gets replaced with a namespace passthrough yada yada yada error... which I can fix also. THAT just takes me right back to access violation. I like the game, its just a shame it spends more time broken that it does working. Like the other users I am also win10.. 1607 MS busted crap build and now they have DX stuck in the updates. Forced those of us who blocked their updates to unblock them. It would be awesome if updates were actually tested. This has been an issue since what 1.66? then 1.68 broke all doors and now the whole game is useless. You do realize that this exact same error has been in game since it was in testing.

Apr 29 2017, 11:29 AM · Arma 3

Feb 20 2017

jalisar63 added a comment to T123423: Arama 3 Troubleshooting 0x0000DEAD.

Getting this one every 5th pass or so.... most of mine are 0xC0000005 Violation Access.. been going on for days now.. I have played the game at most 5 hours in 4 days, half of this was on other people's servers.. So far the only thing I have found to fix the issue for 2-3 is Uninstall everything.. literally.. steam included. Then using your registry cleaner of choice and killing anything it pulls up without bothering to look at the what if scenario.. Finally.. if you are like me and like to mess with mods and use the tools.. The instant I install the largest tool set for arma3 the error begins, even if it has only been 2 minutes post reinstall..

Feb 20 2017, 9:02 AM · Arma 3