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Diffrent problems with cars
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1.) When I start the engine of a car (in this case the sedan), the fps drop drasticaly to 5-15 fps for me and my teammates. Driving is really desynchy (it does not matter if I drive in a city or country side). It seems to pull me back abit with every meter I drive. If not all tires are prestine, the laag increases (not the handling of the car is ment, the desynch).

2.) I stoped with the car, changed the tires (because I had a small crash and 2 tieres were badly damaged), tried to start it again and the car started to lean forwart till it was nearly vertical in the air and bugged into the ground. (Screenshot in the link ).

3.) Next to the vertical bugged sedan was another sedan. It had everything ( battery, spark plug, prestine tires ecc and nothing was ruined) But the car did not start the engine, I even filled up the gas. I changed all the parts of the vertical buged sedan into this one (even the doors), but It still did not start the engine, then when I got out of the car, it threw me 1,5 meters into the air and I got a sprikled ankle.

All this happened on stable branch.

Game version: 0.61.137871

(DayZ did not crash, but maybe you'll need it anyways)

(Sorry for not replying to the last ticket I made, I will check this ticket again later to see if you need more information.)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

I got a good internet connection and a good pc (i74790k, 16 GB RAM and a GTX 980), so that can't be the reason for discribed the bugs.

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Oh I remember 2 more bugs.
1.) The windows of the bus bug from more than 50-100m distance. You can't see through them (so you don't see the players inside).

2.) It still does not work to loot dead bodies inside the car and you are not able to get into the seat if someone dead is there. Also, you're not able to remove the dead person.

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