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Quoted text in unbinerized mission description is cut off.
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If a mission description has quotes in it with an unbinarized mission.sqm, the description is cut off at the quotes.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a new mission. Unbinarize the mission.sqm, give it a description with quotes, and save the mission.
  2. Exit to the title screen (needed to refresh the mission list), go back to the mission select menu, and select your new mission.
  3. The overview description will be cut off at the quote.

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I'm pretty sure non-binarized files have to have all instances of double quotes encased in double quotes.

(i.e, 'Wow look at this ""quoted text"" right here')

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This doesn't apply to other fields in the 3d editor. For example, you can put in the exact same string for the Multiplayer mission description and it won't be cut off.

And in general, character escaping should be handled by the UI unless there's a reason not to.

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