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can not interact with dead chickens [RESOLVED]
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i can kill chickens however otherwise i can not interact with them.
means, they do not show up in my vicinity window and there is no interaction symbol/text hovering above the npc. so no chance to interact with them


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
10.0, Build 14393
Additional Information

experimental: 0.61.137116

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Hi Joe and thanks for reporting.

You will need a knife or a hay hook in your hands to be able to Skin and quarter the chicken once it has been killed. The more pristine the knife, the better the meat will be produced.

I should also include that dead animals do not have an inventory screen like the dead infected do.

Just to clarify: I need those items in my hands, do I? Because I had a knife in my inventory at that time but quite possibly never in my hands.

Also then two follow-up proposals:

  • be able to carry small critters and animals in your hands
  • be able to gather feathers from chickens without the need of a knife

Cheers and thanks for the clarification

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Hello joe_mcentire and thank you for the report.
As PhillyDogTV has mentioned, you need to have a knife in your hands slot to initiate the action and animals in general do not have a vicinity loot window as the infected do. Your suggestions have been forwarded and they will be considered by the development team.

can be closed then

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This bug appear again when you added posibility to take dead hen body to hands. Sometimes no action visible. Vanilla server.