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Vision Modes Not Working With switchCamera
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If you are spectating someone through switchCamera, or even the Arma 3 spectator mode, you cannot see their vision mode from their perspective. This didn't used to be problem until one of the latest updates. Additionally, viewing their weapon sights can also be a bit buggy, and sometimes you can't tell if their zoomed in or not and it will just show as their aiming in through their iron sights.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Go into a player's view with switchCamera and get them to change vision modes such as turning their night vision on and you will not see the same vision mode as theirs, it will stay with the default vision.

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This affects End Game Spectator and its derivatives. When spectating any non-local unit in first person, if their NVGs are on, you will not see any NVG effect -- mostly. Every ~18.5 seconds, you'll see a flash of the NVG overlay and green filter, but only for a few frames. Then it goes away again. In dark environments, first person POV quickly becomes completely unusable in EGS and derivatives due to a lack of working NVG modes. They can't even be manually enabled using camUseNVG.

Additionally, if you swap between a first person POV and third person or free POV, you'll notice that that same ~18.5 second loop affects the visual state of the NVGs on the target unit's head. Obviously this is just a local effect, but it's an interesting additional note.

It seems likely that this patchnote is what broke the behavior, assuming it was working properly prior to v1.66 like OP says:

Tweaked: The switchCamera script command now works also without specifying the camera type -