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BarrelBug - If a barrel is thrown, it "falls through the floor" and disappears forever
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story: there are 2 ways of placing a barrel, first would be to place it "from hands to ground" via DragNDrop, second method would be to Throw it with the "G"Key.

reason why I sometimes threw barrels - they may lay on the ground instead of normal standing upright(sometimes useful due to hiding reasons)

Tried it in the current version 0.61.136821 two times .


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

tried it 2 times, then no more... afraid of loosing precious Barrels ;)

  1. Get barrel ( in my case both barrels where Red)
  2. take to hands
  3. throw with the "G" key
  4. watch it disappear threw the floor

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Schnarre created this task.Jan 4 2017, 12:21 PM

This happens not just to barrels: T122124

thepseud0o added subscribers: nieenden, dmcal.

This ticket system is embarassing.^^

maybe it happens to other items as well but I personally only threw flashbangs, roadflares and barrels ;) .... havent had any problems with the roadflares and flashbangs .

but as soon as the servers are back up ill throw a lot of stuff around ^^

fing24 added a subscriber: fing24.Jan 4 2017, 2:39 PM

I have noticed that protective cases and dry bags do the same when thrown, they disappear. I have thrown shirts, guns and over items and they act like you would expect. It seams that (containers) are the problem. I will have to throw other back packs and the first aid kit to confirm lol.

fing24 added a comment.Jan 4 2017, 6:00 PM

Ok first aid kits don't disappear when thrown. But mountain, child, taloon and hunting backpacks do disappear when thrown. Not going to try, but I would recon that all BP's would disappear when thrown.