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Operating System
Windows 7
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  • There is a glitch on trees, stones, apples and more. By spamming the letter f of the keyboard, make them appear in mass
  • There is no leather quiver to make in craft
  • Recharging a shotgun shotgun, firing a single bullet and then reloading will cause you to lose the ball that remained in it
  • Throw your bow it will disappear
  • Throw your barrel it will disappear
  • Decompose an improvised mail bag with sticks and you will lose your rope
  • Decompose a spear and you will lose your bone
  • Vehicle on the roof can not be returned without .... a bow
  • Objects such as unit feathers, manufactured arrows and more do not stack automatically ,That dropping them from bags
  • All shoes make the same sounds, crafted leather shoes make as much noise as jungle boots. That is normal?
  • There is the command sharpen all sticks but no command feathers all sticks or bones all sticks
  • The walls of the houses are not physical and allow to cross the equipments, such as the spear, the barrels of the rifles or the arrows of the arcs for example
  • Vehicles are not damaged when driving with two wheels or three wheels
  • Chicken guts do not allow you to make a rope or tie someone
  • If you make a bow with a damaged rope and you decompose the bow then you will retrieve the pristine rope . Like the cartridges in their charger, put damaged bullets in charger, put in on gun , put the gun on floor, take it in hands, remove charger and empty it, u can retrieve pristine bullets (work on 7.62x39/7.62x54 and 22 by my try , i dont know for the rest)
  • Bug when walking slowly standing while holding the bow to attack (without straining the rope) reduces speed two times but not the speed sound of steps
  • When shooting with the viewfinder to the left with an bow , the viewfinder is distorted the arrow does not go to the center of the viewfinder in split circle
  • The ricochets of the arrows are the same as those of bullets of rifles

I apologize in advance if some things have been said before or that some of the bugs that seem strange to me are not for you. Good game everyone

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  • The texture of the head disappears from my character, leaving the head completely black

*you are playing on experimental since you are talking about vehicles