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Random performance drop of ~50%
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I experience random performance drops on 0.61 in general (unconfirmed in .60). After playing for a while on this version this became more and more obvious to me.

I usually have 30-45 fps (occasionally 60). But after walking and looking around for a while they will drop down to 15-25 fps (I had stable 20 fps with the old renderer).
At first I though the reason for this is that the scene just got more complex. Or my computer slows down. But by simply jiggling around my camera a bit the same scene renders at my usual 30-45 fps again.

I tested this issue a bit on the same scene when the performance dropped:
-just standing still and waiting does not solve the problem.
-jiggling the camera around (sometimes 360°) solves the problem.
-tabbing out and back into the game solves the problem.
-changing my graphic settings drastically solves the problem.

Most often this problem seem to occur outside of towns where a lot of trees are visible.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Run aroun while watching your fps status.
When it drops drastically wait and observer. It shouldn't change.
Start jiggling around your camera a lot (or look at the ground for a few seconds).
Notice your fps raise back to normal levels.

Additional Information

Im running the game on an MSI GE60 with a i7-3630QM, 8GB RAM and 660GTX :(
Server seems irrelevant.

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Gekker created this task.Dec 12 2016, 9:08 PM

I have the same issue where running around the map my fps will drop for a second then come back up. I think (based on my own observations) its the way DayZ loads necessary assets into memory. I think with the new 64 bit client they will have more memory to work with, so that the game doesn't stutter trying to load whatever it needs at a moments notice.

A solid state drive definitely helps a lot since I think whats happening is that the game is loading assets from the disk drive to put into memory. I still get drops but they go away after less than a second.

As I have stated, my FPS don't simply come back after waiting a while which would indeed suggest fps stuttering based on assets being loaded into the memory. They recover when I do certain things. Like looking at the ground for a few seconds.
My observation would rather suggest something being wrong with the geometric occluder if I had to make a wild guess. In my case that would be the GO deciding which trees to render. Since that is when the problem becomes most obvious.

On a side note. I am observing these performance drops on 64bit.

My FPS drops to 1 and the game is completely locked up, nothing I do will fix it other than exiting game, (if I can get menus to work) or by closing and restarting game in the task manager.

This has happened to the guy I play with, he has a much better system than I do, so I don't think its my old computer.

Geez changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Dec 13 2016, 10:17 AM
Geez added a subscriber: Geez.

Hello Gekker and thank you for the report.
Are you running any specific startup parameters in the game? And could you check if you have the issue on the 32b client as well?

Allantheking added a subscriber: Allantheking.EditedDec 13 2016, 5:47 PM

Is this in towns or all over the map ? , have issue with poor GPU usage in towns 50-60 % which cause my fps to be lower than it should.
Just checking if you have something similar?

edit, oh i missed the last part lol , but check ur gpu usage when that happen

Im not running any startup parameters. I noticed similar fps drops in the 32bit client but they seem to recover on their own. I need to test this further.
Nonetheless there is a huge difference in performance in the beginning and at the end of a long session (40-60 compared to 15-30). But that may be because of my poor cooling capacity of my laptop.
But I am sure my fps dropping below 20 is a thing I never experienced with the new renderer before. Even on long sessions.

But that may be because of my poor cooling capacity of my laptop.

That can happen a lot, i repair tons of laptops for this very reason. Add a cooler and see how it goes from there.

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Assigned.Dec 14 2016, 11:42 AM

Thank you Gekker.
We are currently looking into the issue and will let you know once we know more. In case you come across any other info, which could help us in resolving the issue, please post it in here.