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[DEV] Revive System not processing onPlayerKilled.sqf correclty
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When a unit bleeds out, the onPlayerKilled.sqf does not appear to be processed correctly.

It IS executing, but code within the script appears to have no affect.

e.g. setPlayerRespawnTime


Operating System
Windows 7
End Game - Revive
Steps To Reproduce

Place down respawn_west marker and set respawn=3
in onPlayerKilled.sqf add setPlayerRespawnTime 999999999;
Enable revive, shoot unit and allow to beed out.

After bleedout the players respawn time should be adjusted to 999999999.

This does not happen and the player respawns normally.

Additional Information

The onPlayerKilled.sqf IS being executed and works correctly if the player is killed with critical damage (e.g to head).

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2600K created this task.Aug 31 2016, 12:39 PM
2600K added a comment.EditedAug 31 2016, 1:04 PM

There seem to be a lot of bugs in the current dev version - Basic incap setting doesn't seem to be applied to players if they rejoin (all shots killed the player outright).

'Advanced' incap setting seems to kill players under any circumstances (pistol shots to legs would cause death, may be relayed to rejoining issues above).

A basic example mission that will replicate the logged issue everytime:

Issue currently present in; v1.65.138249

Thanks for the feedback. I will check the issue with onPlayerKilled.sqf and I look at the JIP issue. Thanks for the repro mission.

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tom_48_97 closed this task as Resolved.Sep 20 2016, 3:19 PM

It is now fixed :)