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Lack of 'In Formation' option in Eden breaks groups set to 'Set Random Position' and 'Placement Radius'
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In 2D editor this function was listed as 'In Formation' which would move all units in group together as one after random positioning/placement radius.

Now in Eden, 'Set Random Position' or 'Placement Radius' option on a group leader will only move the group leader and leave all other units.

All subordinate units must then manually travel to their leader, making these features useless for all but single instance units.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn a group and set the leaders placement radius to 100.
  2. In-game only the leader will be randomly moved and the rest of squad must walk to leader.
Additional Information

Relates to loss of 'In Formation' option from 2d to Eden editor?

The 'Move To Formation' option seems to have no affect on the placements and does not even appear to relate to the issue at hand.

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2600K created this task.Jun 12 2016, 12:37 PM

This is intentional.

You're setting the placement radius of the leader, so only the leader gets set.
To randomize the position of the group, you set the placement radius in the group's attributes, not any single unit.

This can also be combined, so if you set the groups placement radius to 5km and one of the units in the group to 100m, the entire group will first be moved to a random position within 5km (respecting their relative positions in the editor), and then the single unit will be randomized from there within 100m.

Many thanks for the clarification, that's very useful to know.

If the random radius marker was shown for the group on the map, as it is with the individual units it would be perfect.

Ticket can be closed, since there was no game issue, but user error.

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