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Player can go bankrupt
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The player can go bankrupt and therefore must start over, if the rover crashes while landing at a site on Mars.


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This occurs at random and cannot be reproduced.

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The suggestion is to leave this and introduce some sort of game over mechanic, that takes care of this scenario. There is nothing wrong with being able to go bankrupt. I could also think of a one time check from the government to enable the player to try another mission. If it happens again, a game over screen should tell the player that he has done goof.

Requirements for the game over screen:

  • The player is unable to afford another rover or lander
  • The player is unable to complete any further mission objectives with rovers or landers that are still active.
  • The player is unable to afford another rover or lander and all previous landers or rovers have been abandoned.

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I had simulare problems.. I familed a mission since my rover got stuck in the landing vehicle ( I did not notise it was driving so it climbed the lander LOL ).
And after that I had no money or possibility to earn money to make a new mission.
Game over and had to start a new game.

cky2250 added a subscriber: cky2250.May 9 2016, 9:47 AM

Maybe get funding from people for taking photos that they like (e.g. some rich guy liked the photo of your rock, he has donated $10k to the program). This would prevent some players form going bankrupt.

My mom (not kidding) says she would like to see sponsors added, like red bull sponsored that Felix guy. Just some fake companies or maybe some from the arma universe give you grants (ion)?

Kirby added a subscriber: Kirby.May 9 2016, 9:47 AM
Kirby added a comment.Aug 2 2013, 4:42 AM

yeah the sponsoring thing sounds quite intresting. financial management should play a bigger role in future.

Zalifer added a subscriber: Zalifer.May 9 2016, 9:47 AM

Finances are part of the game. The risk taken with lower quality parts, is one of failure.

Perhaps some sort of rare "get out of jail free" card could be implemented, but I don't think sponsorship has a place. We should succeed on our scientific prowess, not energy drinks ;)

Salat added a subscriber: Salat.May 9 2016, 9:47 AM

New mechanic which allows players to earn some extra cash will be implemented.

Thats great, Cuz I've driven this poor little rover all over the place, 1 - 1.2km between each mission. And it will all be wasted if i run out of missions and cannot afford the satellite fee for a new zone + w/e equipment it needs. My W key has had a weight on it for hours.

Perhaps an entire banking "mini game" where you can borrow money and find sponsors, like mentioned above :)
I kinda like the idea of taking a loan and having to earn more to pay it all back and get back on your feet, but sponsors are also very "authentic" :)

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