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Plate carrier becomes damaged whenever a pistol holster/poutches are attached
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When you add attachments to the plate carrier it always changes its durability to damaged, even if the attachments themselves are worn or pristine.

also, as a side note. the pouches currently take up so much room no bag in the game can hold them, is it possible to have the plate carrier pouches consume 2x2 slots instead of 3x5 when they hold no items, this would allow players to carry them in a backpack in hopes of finding a plate carrier to attach them to.


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quite a simple one

step 1) obtain a plate carrier of worn status or better

step 2) attach a pistol holster/pouches of any quality

step 3) observe the plate carrier itself dropping to damaged status

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to my experience everything attached to a pristine or worn plate carriere that is no pristine will cause the assembled plate carrier to be damaged. everything has to be pristine in order to get a pristine plate carrier

pouches fit into the hunting backpack. found hunting backpacks so far in sheds, garages and deer stands.

A plate carrier is three modular pieces, but the game understands a plate carrier in each stage of completeness to be a distinct item. When combining elements of the plate carrier set, each combination destroys both items, and replaces it with a resultant item. In the case of the plate carrier, the lowest condition level is the one at which the game "creates" the new item to replace the two you had combined.

For reference, when you open a can of food, you are actually crafting a new item with a can opener and a can of food, it tells the game to destroy the can of food, and spawn you an opened can of the same food in the same condition.

So unless you want a pristine plate carrier, it is way easier to just throw one together, and repair it. If you want a pristine one, you must use only pristine components.

I understand the mechanics behind why it breaks, it just makes no sense. The amount of damage a carrier can take is party based on its quality, it makes no sense that attaching some velcro pouches which are damaged, to a plate carrier would magically reduce the effectiveness of the carrier.

IMO the quality of the carrier should always depend on the base carrier itself, not attachments

pristine carrier + damaged pouches = pristine carrier with pouches
damaged carrier + pristine pouches = damaged carrier with pouches

and so on.

regarding the size of the pouches, it should not take a hunter backpack to take a few emtpy pouches covered in velcro, the empty pouch size should be 2x2 when emtpy so that people can carry them around.

I was mostly trying to explain that it is placeholder tech, and they will not be fixing it until the new crafting system is implemented.

Related to your size issue, I would fully expect in the future that fabric items should be foldable, if empty. I find it ridiculous that you cannot roll up a backpack to half its size.

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Hello Sacriel and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue (#0023238) and it has been scheduled for a fix.

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