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Can't remove tires.
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Cannot remove car tires from either of the new vehicles. Had lug wrench in hand.

Cars with one odd tire eg Pristine, pristine, pristine, worn. Causes the car to have less control than bull in a china shop.

Using old UI.


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i cant remove tires too devs please fix this problem

it was not like this before #4 update

You need to use the -newui. This was stated in the status report and experimental thread.

no i mean i cant remove the wheel with lung wernch it doesnt work and if you cant remove the wheel with lung wernch your car will get bug i mean it doesnt move because its in ground something like that and i am using newui i can remove the wheel with the inventory menu but i cant remove it with lung wernch in my hand

Geez added a comment.Nov 27 2015, 9:51 AM

Does the option to remove the wheel appear when youre attempting to remove the wheel with lug wrench in hand and then doesnt do anything, or it does not appear at all?

it appear but it dosent work for me in newui and i tested in odui too but dosent work there too

Geez added a comment.Nov 27 2015, 11:51 AM

Could you try moving away for approximately 200 metres from the vehicle upon using the remove action and then return back to the vehicle and let me know what happens then? Because currently we are aware of a bug, which does not update the wheels correctly upon using the remove action.

i removed the wheel of the car and went away like 200 meter and then came back the wheel wasnt removed from the car

devs please fix this

Still an issue on console 7 years later

etwas added a subscriber: etwas.Mon, Nov 21, 3:28 PM

Still an issue on console 7 years later

its not an issue for 7 years, only a recent change with 1.19:


  • Vehicles spawn with wheels, wheels cannot be removed nor damaged (this is an intended, temporary change)
  • this change is also recommended for community servers to ensure vehicle stability