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Unable to pick up items directly into inventory storage items
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From time to time you can't pick up an item by double clicking on it in the Vicinity window.

There is no server lag involved in my opinion. I think so because you can pick the item at the same time into your hands and then you can drag it into inventory, however you can't drag such item from Vicinity to Inventory directly.


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You can't reproduce it. You must encounter that kind of behavior.

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It happens quite often but far from always.

You can take in your hands only such items which are allowed to be held in hands.

In 0.57 there was a trick to run away from such items then going back for it. But in 0.58 that workaround doesn't work.

Can't tell if another player can pick the item up - not tested yet.

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Tested the issue some more.

I've once again found such items.

  1. Once again it happened in a civilian house
  2. Once again it impacted civilian items
  3. Once again I could take item in my hands (Vitamin Bottle) and then drag it into Inventory
  4. Once again I couldn't do anything with a Quilted Jacket (event put sth. in it)

I went back to that particular house after logging out, having a break (more than 30 minutes) then logging back onto the same server.

Can't try with another player if he could pick the jacket up.

Lags - not a chance. Smoothly working server, only me on it. Picked up Vitamin Bottle in a split second, but couldn't double click it thou.


In the same house after many days there is still the same Violet Quilted Jacket which I can't pick up.

Location 052:042

Desription: The house near a Water Pump located about 600m NE from NWAF.

Encountered another items which can't be picked up.

Checkered Dress and Beanie Hat in a house at the outskirts of Novaya Petrovka.

Same server.

During the gathering nearby the NWAF I've asked my friends to check if they can pick up that Violet Quilted Jacket.

They can't pick it up as well as I am not able to do so.

On our server (IP given above) there are dozens of such items. They most likely spawned that way.

what can I do to test the issue more? How may I help?

Geez added a comment.Oct 19 2015, 9:24 AM

Hello Rebeliant and thank you for all the information provided.
We are currently investigating the issue and I will update this ticket in case we will have more information. As for your help, I suppose that you have done everything that can be done for now.

lynken added a subscriber: lynken.May 8 2016, 11:54 PM

From what I've tested, it issue is linked to the state of the doors of the building. When you enter a building in which there is loot you can't pick up, go back to the door and check the icon when facing it, it's always opposite to the visual state of the door. So if the door is opened, the icon shows that you can open it (and not close it as it was normal). The fix is simple, close or open the door once or twice(until you see the state of the door sync with the action icon) and presto, you can pick items by double clicking, or pick up clothing, etc.

@lynken: Thanks for the information you provided. I'm going to test that particular scenario. It may or may not work. I am certain that I've closed and opened a door in that particular building and didn't noticed mirrored door icon state and I am almost positive that other players interacted with doors in that particular building as well. Nevertheless I will test the subject more as there is some new light to that matter.

@Geez: I will report my findings ASAP.