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Three or more barrels cause desync or closed Sessions
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Full barrels and Truck(s) nearby each other (a camp) make clients to desync and sometimes to close sessions (Session closed dialog shows up).

Happens with camps of:
5-6 Barrels (full) + 2 Trucks (1 full; 1 empty)
3 Barrels (full) + 3 Trucks (1 full; 2 empty)


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. put 3 or more barrels together; fill them with random items

1b. maybe put a truck or two (filled with items) nearby too [can't move it because of desync though]

  1. relog in camp
  2. have desync (Receiving... on rightclick on items etc.) and sometimes "Session closed"
Additional Information

The only way to get your character out there is to run far away (about 500m-1km) and relog.
The above errors appear when reaproaching the camp at a distance to about 150m-200m.

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Spiff added a comment.Sep 1 2015, 12:05 AM

I'm getting similar issues with my camp. I've got about 15 tents, 4 barrels and 3 trucks. When I drive into camp the desync is so bad that I have to relog to get out of the truck. Upon logging in again I have 1 - 2 seconds inventory lag. The lag will gradually worsen over a few minutes, going up to about a minute after 5 - 10 minutes. At that point starting a truck is once again impossible. Running a few hundred meters away will fix the desync, but it will remain upon reentering the camp.

Jman added a comment.Sep 1 2015, 1:32 AM

We have seen this on our hive with less than the amount of barrels specified here.
It can happen with camps that have 1 barrel, 1 tent and a v3s within the close vicinity of each other. They don't even have to be full either and we believe that player inventory counts and ads to this problem.

Absolute minimum distance you should space camps to prevent this is 300 metres.

We have tested this and it's a random occurrence, it doesn't happen all the time to the same camp.

We also had a theory that containers inside containers may cause some of this as well. Like a plate carrier with attachments and a gun inside it, then put inside a barrel, tent or V3S. We had one player that had such an instance. He removed said plate carrier and the lag instantly went away.

We haven't exactly pinned down the cause of this issue because it's a random occurrence but we're constantly testing theories.

One other thing we were thinking of is items with attachments put into full containers but haven't tested this fully.

Spiff added a comment.Sep 1 2015, 3:06 AM

I tested out the distance with a rangefinder. I had to run 300 m away to escape the effects. The inventory lag returned at full strength when I got back to 220 m.

I then tried to empty all the containers in my tents; removing mags and attachments, emptying vests, and dumping a couple of backpacks on the ground. The lag went away.

Next I tried putting some of the items back. I waited for 5 minutes, but the lag didn't return. I then ran 300 m away again, checking for lag all the way. When I approached again, the lag once again started when I was 220 m from the camp. This time it had reset, starting at 1 - 2 seconds and then slowly building up.

Tomorrow I'll be testing this out with a truck. A mobile desync generator could be... useful. Muhahahaha!!!

A few buddies and I have set up a camp with a tent and a barrel, but when we added a second barrel and logged back in later on in the day we had 30-400 seconds desync localised to the camp with the barrels. I added a third barrel (as I hadn't been warned of the desync bug yet, and when I was told the about the bug I tried to move the new barrel away, however the desync was so bad I could not even use any items up to 300m away, when I wen t back and tried to pick up the new barrel a third time, the server crashed with my friends on it (as we were luckily the only other people online at the time.)

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fing24 added a comment.Sep 1 2015, 8:05 AM

I'm getting the same. When I have to many back packs on the ground close to each other I gat a lot of lag. The backpacks are no bigger then the taloon son not that many items in one place. If I spread them out I can get the lag to go.

We have the same issue !!
And all people left the server because they think it's a server problem and not the game ..
We try to explain to the people but they are left ..

Devs need to fix this before the 0.59 nobody will play with a laggy camp ..
this is the game no ? build a camp and survive ?
Here if you try this you will lost your session or laggy !



I went back to the camp about an hour ago with a new V3S we salvaged and checked around camp. We had exactly these items all within 300m of the original tent and barrel:

  • 1x tent (first placed) filled with items
  • 2x barrel (second and third placed) filled with items
  • 1x Cargo V3S filled with items
  • 1x camp fire with tripod (seems to smolder forever)
  • 1x empty barrel approximately 90m away from tent

We also had a SPOSN Tortilla backpack that I dropped before a friend euthanased me so I could fresh spawn after getting food poisoning and we scoured seven towns for charcoal tabs with no luck. When I returned I crouched beside the backpack which I had just relocated (we all believed it despawned during a server restart) and added it to my character. I had to wait 15 minutes before it actually went on my back and when it did the desync stopped immediately. I took the empty barrel and ran with it out about 400m and stashed it safely before returning to clean up some of the storage inventories before logging off.

Maybe check around camp to see if any of your group members have just lazily dumped a backpack somewhere. We were able to have three barrels within 100m of each other without desync but... I can't confirm anymore than that as we decided we would not take any more barrels there.

Had this happen at a camp with:

2x barrels (1 almost empty, the other 3/4 full
1x tent - 3/4 full
1x camp fire
*about 12 items total within the containers

Within 150m my friend and I both desynced and had to relog. When we got to the camp we couldn't move things, had to relog again.

The almost full barrel had a full plate carrier with a pistol inside the carrier holster with several attachments on it, a hunting backpack, and a high capacity vest.

The tent had 2 guns w/ a couple attachments and a few other small items.

Once we got the plate carrier out of the barrel it all seemed to clear up which is why I think one of the issues is containers within containers or overfilling the barrel as the pistol with all it's attachments/ammo etc prob had the barrel overfilled if fully disassembled and then placed into the barrel.

I have a much larger camp with 0 issues now:

  • We keep containers spread out (everything is within 10-50m of each other though)
  • We try not to fill them up (1 barrel is full, most containers are half full)
  • We try to keep containers out of the containers (vests, backpacks, etc)
  • I open all ammo boxes and toss the paper before stowing ammo

Currently we have 4 barrels, 2 backpacks, 2 trucks, 1 tent, and a couple camp fires with 0 issues.

I am still adding containers as I find them and checking for desync.

Please reproduce in exp servers.