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Players are taking far too much damage.
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As of the 0.57 patch, it would appear that players are taking more damage than they should. I have hit a target in the chest with a 7.62x39mm from an Izh-18 rifle who was wearing new-spawn gear at 100 meters. He did not fall unconscious or die and instead was able to run an additional 150 meters into a town, and still did not fall unconscious. At this point, we called the test off. He reported that he was not bleeding despite blood pouring as though he was.


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Try out some weapons, get some willing participants. I was able to empty a magazine of .380 auto via the Makarov into a new spawn's chest at point blank without him falling deceased.

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Severity of Bug: Gamebreaking/Very High

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Seems a duplicate of issue 0025709. Please upvote said issue additionally to push visibility. The original report is still on status new :(

title of this is a little misleading no? "Players are taking far too much damage" When the real issue is players are taking far too little damage. Let's not confuse the eff out of the devs.

Don't you mean far too little damage?

Far too little damage. I've shot three rounds into a geared player from 100 meters with the sawn off IZH-18 and all it did was ruin their top and pants, no blood loss or loss of consciousness, they turned around and plugged me with the AUG twice and I dropped dead, even though I had a plate carrier.