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Throw item, makes you fall over and glitch through objects
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Threw a cattle prod and I fell down to prown and ended up glitched into chicken coop.


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Stand in front of a chicken coop
Throw cattle prod
Cannot move in any direction

logging out/in restored me to standing and unglitched me.

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May only be melee weapons that cause you to fall over.

0.57 EXP as of Sunday 31st of May at approx 18:00gmt server US NE01 could be related to server load.

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I can confirm this. The thrown item may or may not be stuck in the air or return to your hands.

I was laying on the ground unable to move but vaulting brought me back into a normal crouched position.

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Tried with a spade , UK server, spade remained in mid air but nothing happened to chracter.

Related tickets : 0025738, 0025421

And i confirm that bug, it's still there.

After throwing some melee weapons (Fire axe, Splitting axe, Miner spade, Farming hoe, ...) character drops down, then stands up, throws again nothing and drops down again just like unconscious. It can be rewoked from this state only by relog or vaulting. That seems pretty weird.