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Characters starve in less than ten minutes in some cases less than five minutes after spawn
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My characters were starving or dehydrating to death at an extremely accelerated rate, sometimes in less than 5 minutes after spawning in and within 50-100 meters of their spawn points. Character would be thirsty within 25 paces of spawn almost every time. The more I died it seemed that next character would die quicker than the last.

Walking, jogging or running seem to make no difference at all.

Happened on both 1pp and 3pp servers

3pp AUS/NZ 0-1 & SNG 0-1
1pp AUS/NZ, SNG & Southwest 0-2 {F31852}


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I have completely uninstalled the game and deleted all related files. I am reinstalling the game now and will let you know if that does any better.

This has been happening since the servers came up today, does not matter what time

Characters have died while eating red berries even. A box of cereal and two handfuls of berries got me from three valleys on the coast almost all the way to Msta before I passed out from starvation (I was 200 meters SW from the town at the foot of the ladder up the deer blind).

FYI my time is HST, exactly -12hours your local time in the CZR.

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Reinstall and complete validation did NOTHING to fix this.

Please see this video, same thing

Was playing on DayZ US Southwest 0-2 (Experimental/Unstable) today, 2015.05.30, at around 21:30 GMT-8.
Spawned Elektro, dehydrated after about fifteen minutes; made it from docks to townhouses just across from tech building, and spent only about two minustes sprinting, and about five minutes idle on top of flat industrial building evading zeds. Ate one package of powdered milk, and drank nothing.

Spawned West Kamyshovo, worked in along north side of road, searching all sheds and houses up to brick pub, drank until hydrated, noticed red starvation, and crossed to fenced yard with berry bushes, unconscious at 8 minutes.

Spawned Chreno docks Piano house, climberd crane, drank Pipsi and kvass, ran to guard shack, took vest, made stone knife by nearby shore, picked berries from two adjacent bushes by gas line running north. Though I ate many berries, it kept me only at the brink of starvation; I did not count, but I was constantly picking and eating, and would estimate that that I ate around two berrie bunches per minute. A two minute venture from the bushes causes starvation to set in.

Same issue here on first person, i timed it at 3 minutes to death and even eating apples as fast as i could it doesn't help.

Alternatively on third person food and drink did not matter.

I have attached videos of both and I was pretty pissed off at you guys, take it with a grain of salt but you guys really need to do a tiny bit of quality assurance before you release a patch even to experimental.

This was recorded behavior across multiple servers in both experimental first and first/third person.

I will files a separate ticket as well on this but your zeds playing 3-4 audio files at once sounds like complete garbage.

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Yep I have had the same sort of experience. Thought it was because it was cold. Died one time as I could not pick apples quicker than my energy loss. The next spawn at Nizhnoye manged to eat enough to get to light green energy healthy and dark green hydrated. Then got my self to light green hydrated and was at dark green energy after a search of Niz and a dink at the well. Went for a jog to Beriz up to where the 2 pubs and supermarket are and by the time I get to the first pub at the top of the rise I was dark orange energy and dying of dehydration. And I was only cold for the first 5 mins after that never got the cold status. I was on 1pp SNG 0-2 10-12pm uk time.