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.57 EXP Nearly 4000 Hrs and getting fed up !!
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After a double update I would not think that main items would be missing! Playing all morning through at least 4 re sets on the same server SE 0-2. I have covered the map from Cherno to NWAF and all middle ground. I have not seen/heard a single truck, a single scope, a single heli spawn, and not a single pair of cargo pants in any condition!! Pitiful follow through. You all work hard BUT this is really sad.


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So you are complaining that after searching one of the two most populated quarters of the map you did not find any rare item? You know what "rare" means?

Are you for real, cargo pants are rare?

The devteam definitly knows the issues and is working hard! The CLE is very hard to develope and thats why they need us. Don't stop supporting them.

Yeah pants are too rare I agree. Looks like it is because there are still small lootsplosions happening. They are working on it according to the status report. Max items per building or so.

But there are definitely heli crashes and scopes. Look at deer stands.

edit: I had two trucks on exp .57 on one server. But i didn't appreciate their worth and drove them until they were empty. Should have hidden at least one.

Keep in mind the trucks are persistent, so most likely other players took them and stashed them away.

@Geez hi :)

Maybe close this ticket as obsolete?

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