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capacity vest can store multiple other vests - illogical
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The capacity vest can currently store several other vests, as long as there is room left. regarding the fact, that the vest consists exclusively of smaller pouches, this seems to be highly illogical.

The same goes for vests in pouches in vest (in...pouches possibly??)


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  • put several vests into vests
  • and this vests into pouches
  • rinse and repeat

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This goes for items in clothes inside clothes aswell.

i think this is a bit a different though. it's more a design issue than a bug per se. you can drag a vest into pouches and then drag these pouches again into a vest etc.

what you mean is this bug where you simply click 2xLMB and the object is placed in the next available slot. i would say it's not exactly the same. you still can't manually drag a vest holding items into pouches for example.

This should be redisigned completely.

It's not logical to put e.g. 4 cans of cola into the pants.


A good way to fix the issue would be to redesign inventory space, so that e.g. the Olive High Capacity Vest has six 2x1 slots instead of a single 3x4 slot.

And/or to allow garment A to be put inside garment B only if A is empty.

"And/or to allow garment A to be put inside garment B only if A is empty."

afaik this is currently how it is at the moment (at least for most items)

Geez added a comment.May 13 2015, 2:17 PM

Hello joe_mcentire and thank you for the report.
Currently this is a design choice and we do not plan to change it, however this may change in future stages of development.