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[SURVIVAL IDEA] Making fire without matches - bow drill/hand drill
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tools needed:
knife (hunting knife, stone knife, etc.)

to keep it simple:
sharpened stick + rope + firewood = bow drill
sharpened stick + firewood = hand drill

when you try to ignite a fire there is a chance (random like finding apples etc.) that you will fail, the process should also take a while(about a minute gametime for the bow drill/2 minutes for the hand drill).



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Good Idea. I have also wished that this was possible.
Improvised bow + small stone + stick = bow drill to ignite fireplace.

I like the idea. Both methods should consume a serious amount of energy.

I would like to add few more things:

a) Fishing spear (craftable)
b) guts for bait (or let us dig for worms with more tools)
c) small fishing rods (out of sticks, because you don´t catch Moby Dick :-) )

i just found a confirmation that they are working on an alternative:

"Valdark, on 02 Apr 2015 - 8:34 PM, said:
Any chance we will be able to start fires without matches at some point? With less success rate or by eating up kindling perhaps?

I know guys have a plan to do that in the future. It just requires a bit more animation tech on player."

How can anyone downvote this.

I think this should be implemented.

But, like crafting a stone knife or improvised backpack, it should take at least a minute in game.

Don't want to hang around for a minute making a fire? Find matches.

Tbh, starting a fire with a wood drill, is hard, really hard.
I believe it doesn't work with all types of wood and it takes ages, don't event start when it's raining.

I think a better alternative way would be to be able to cut open shells and use the gunpowder to ignite a fire. Video:

can be closed, hand drill is implemented in .56 exp

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