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Loot respawning isn`t working items are getting extremly rare
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Yesterday I played DayZ 0.55 and looted a few towns completely empty, after I looted everything I drove into other citys but I couldn`t find any items. Tody I logged on to the same server and everything was like I left it on the day befor and I couldn`t find any loot any more even in the big citys like Elektro, Zelenogorsk and so on. I changed the server a few times, but I couldn´t find any loot even on completely empty servers. I`m not sure but I think it is because the loot isn`t respawning, I hope you can fix this problem as soon as possible.


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Loot is completely broken.

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Confirme that the re-spawn of loot is to low. Been trying with three characters to make it north. Stealth and no zombie encounters but eventually die of starvation. Cant be playing when it is like this. You need to fix or I am gone.

Agree with you, sinds yesterday there is no loot anymore on the server ...
Pleas let we set this persistence OFF the time you fix this bugs

totally agree with that, because the persistence isn`t working at all, the tents disapear and no loot there why should we keep it turned on? just let the admins turn it off so we can play normaly.

Dayz 0.55: Persistence & Loot Infos

As of the 0.55 Stable Branch update, persistence will no longer be an opt-in feature. Persistence is now moving into the active core features “zone”. Private shard operators can request a reset of this through their GSP only in the case of any abhorrent behavior.
What does this mean for you, the average survivor?

As item cleanup and respawn is actively being worked on in order to function on a more comprehensive level – you will see DayZ gameplay become potentially significantly more difficult for 0.55.

Item Cleanup / Respawn will be iterated upon in 0.56
Loot concentration will evolve across the map as players scavenge and pick areas clean
If the area you are in seems to be picked clean, you -must- adventure further inland
Again – the behaviors involving sharp declines in loot concentration will be iterated upon and resolved, but for 0.55 you will see the struggle to survive become much harsher.

I already read the status report, and I like the idea to make the game more difficult and push players to the northern part of the map, but if I have to change 5 servers to find loot even in towns where nobody normally goes, is a bit to much don`t you think. Maby I just wasn`t lucky enough to find loot, but for me it is to much of the realism.

"As item cleanup and respawn is actively being worked on in order to function on a more comprehensive level – you will see DayZ gameplay become potentially significantly more difficult for 0.55."

Nice statement just to say that persistence isn't working and they don't know why ;)

Game is unplayable like this.

The devs need us to play the game and to find bugs etc.
But we can not play if we die every 20 to 40 minutes of starvation.

We absolutely need the hotfix this week!

I agree. I think the game is ruinwokehole of cherno no food or guns in unlooted City. same in all servers. so game is virtually unplayable when zombies do difficult! Very disappointed

Broken, visited 2 servers.. off coast.. all houses and towns were empty.. no items.. then found a car with 4 aks in it.. good job bohemia

i like the scarcity, just give them time to adjust the loot settings. Try hunting, picking apples/berries, farming in the meantime. Fishing is bugged currently.

Just try to adjust, dont sprint everywhere, it consumes more energy. Unlimited supplies of peaches and spaghetti isn't the answer here, just let them tinker on settings.

Yesterday i tried playing with a friend of mine. We ran from berenzino to svetlo, to novo, to the new polana town to the scrap yeard near there and never foun loot other then books. I understand you want to make it harder to find loot but this is to much. i have played today a few times as a new spawn and it is damn near impossible to survive. i understand this is an alpha game, but why force persistence on when we all knew it didnt work in the past. i think if you keep it on exp and put the persistence to an op in feature it would be fine. as of right now its completley unplayable and i have lost my joy in the game. i dont even want to play anymore because to me it seems pointless. i just dont understand why push something that doesnt work! oh and btw i really do love the new zombies and the stealth mechanics thumbs up for that, i actually fear zombies now! just fix the persistence thing and all will be great!

Geez added a comment.Apr 3 2015, 9:46 AM

Hello Brian84 and thank you for the report.
The cause of this issue appears to be on GSP's (Game Server Provider) side. Currently persistence is forced to be ON all the time, however some of the servers from certain GSP's have persistence set off. This interferes with the forced persistence and causes what you describe in your report.

"Hello Brian84 and thank you for the report.
The cause of this issue appears to be on GSP's (Game Server Provider) side. Currently persistence is forced to be ON all the time, however some of the servers from certain GSP's have persistence set off. This interferes with the forced persistence and causes what you describe in your report.

Telling us it's an issue with the server is not going to cut it. You have HUNDREDS of people dying from starvation and thirst from this crap. The messages boards are all talking about it. This economy roll out should have NEVER been rolled out in this state. I understand it's an Alpha and I have been ok with all the problems but fucking up the loot economy is ridiculous, its the core of the game. FIX THIS.

It's still a problem on the servers which aren't bugged, there is too little loot.

My team and I burned all of the loot in the far west military base trying to trigger a respawn. There was no result.

@Geez, the problem is on your end.

Non-persistent servers do not spawn anything at all as of this update. I fail to see how it is the hosting's fault. That was after all your decision. Somehow, somewhere, some idiot thought that "let's force persistence, but let's leave an option to have it off so there's no loot there". Didn't know you guys employed Dr. Evil.

Persistent servers spawned plenty when the update went live, partially due to the broken loot tables (apparently being able to find smersh vests in sheds was a bug), partially due to the fact it was a total reset. After that there is nothing. I went through military bases that have not been visited lately finding nothing of value (after going through about 10 of them, making sure the servers in question were persistent, the most useful item I found was an orange drybag). Heli crashes also spawn NOTHING AT ALL anymore. Aside from the most basic items, loot just doesn't seem to be respawning, maybe because things that already spawned are blocking the spawns (in case of which they should be deleted to make room for new).

Persistent servers always had trouble with item spawns. Ever since persistence became a thing, a server being persistent outright meant "you won't find anything here" until about .53, where item spawning was improved (at the cost of running into loot-stacked areas).
Non-persistent servers were a counter-weight against that. You wanted loot you went to a non-persistent server. You were guaranteed that there will be stuff there. You were not guaranteed any specific item, but basic necessities were all there. Now that counterweight is gone.

There is no interesting loot anywhere at this point. Around the time where the update went live I would find numerous guns. Right now, there is god damn nothing.

Saying that it's the fault of the server hosting and not yours is just simply dishonest and immature. It's shoving responsibility for this screw-up of an update to people who had nothing at all to do with it.

If you people cannot create a loot spawning system, that's not a complete failure, then at least leave non-persistent servers as loot zones. Some people are masochists that enjoy looking 12 hours of cans of beans, most aren't.

I've been poking around and from what I can tell, stuff simply isn't re-spawning, at all. It spawned ONCE, probably during Wednesday maintenance, or when the update went live (whichever was sooner), and nothing since then.

This is particularly evident with heli crashes. If another heli crash so happens to be on the same field, what you'll most likely see is the following: an empty helicopter and some leftover loot from the original spawn lying around on the grass somewhere (most noticeable in areas where helis have a dispersion radius).

This also explains why there isn't crap anywhere aside the deepest reaches of the map.

  1. Area is popular.
  2. It gets picked.
  3. No loot respawns.
  4. Area stays barren.

I went to some villages outlying Severograd and I actually found some food up there, my guess being that I was the first one to bother to venture there on the particular server.

The loot is very scarce nothing valuable only books and hats and that's only because it's not looted , nothing respawn it's like 1% respawn rate or less , set persistence back to off we already have this ninja zombies.

3 hours every day for 3 days, Pers on server Loot report: 0 Food, 2 cans of cola,1 rasputin ,P1 pistol from dead man, 9mm ammo from dead man, orange M backpack. Died from hunger or bleeding out every time because you can never find supplies

what nexdemise said. no loot respawn at all since the day 0.55 went live

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well if this is going to be the way it is im stopping with dayz

i already have a fulltime job
dont need a second 1 ...

Yup no loot at all.. only wierd places that people havent looked already.. persistence works, but new loot is not respawning. Thats the reason you dont find any food at all anymore, and the only guns u find is sporter and Trumpet.

Me and a friend run our own PVE-server since a couple of days back.
Since there is no else playing on this server I would like to comment on the speculation that "other players" have looted the good spots already.

This is my report so far (with persistent turned ON).

Food can be found, but it is extremely rare. I actually like this.

The server loot has been reset multiple times, sometimes one or two items spawn in locations specified below as containing no loot at all, but it is usually books or hats that spawns.

We have seen no loot whatsoever in

  • Military barracks
  • Garages (with the red double doors)
  • Yellow houses
  • Prison garages (Prison Island)
  • Firestations
  • Schools
  • Medicial buildings (hospitals and the smaller one)

We have seen alot of loot (like to much) in:
Military crashes
Small buildings in connection to big industrial buildings
Police stations (saw 11 handcufs in the same station, and like 6 police hats...)

edit: i just read that comment above mine, so I may be completely wrong here but thats what I wrote from my experience of the past few hours:

You won't find any loot anymore in buildings which are always frequented by players. By now, the whole east and south coast on every server is devoid of any loot except books and shoes and other crap no one needs. Anything valuable you can find is only there because other players missed it or didnt bother to take it.

Go on a server with very few players, go as north-west as possible, you will find tons of loot like it used to be before the patch.

We went on a server with 2 or 3 players, made our way up north, found lots of seeds in farm buildings off the beaten path. Then we continued our way past
that large new city and looted some small villages. We found a Mosin, several pistols, ammo, food, drinks, backpacks, vests, even a few tents. Everything we need to survive a few more days. But all the stuff we took will never respawn until this bug is fixed.

I agree, rarity is a good thing. But stuff should still respawn after a while, like once a day or so.

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well i had a very well equipped char and i was able to hunt but i got killed by a gang i helped (was my own fault im not complaining) but now i starved to death 3 times and i think i will pause till 0.56 since i played at least 5 hours just with eating apples and not finding at least one knife ...

I was wrong, Dix_xib is right. Some buildings respawn loot, some don't.

After a few hours of more testing, we came to the conclusion that loot respawns only in certain buildings, like outhouses and guard houses. But these buildings seem to spawn more and more items every restart.
Yesterday we found a sword and a dozen clothes in an outhouse, next day a bag of garden lime spawned in the same outhouse but the sword and all the clothes were still there. Same with guard houses, I found 3 AK buttstocks in a single lootpile. Usually you find only one buttstock at a time.

Although the loot system is broken as it is, the game is still very much playable if you know where to look for loot ;)

The game is NOT playable on non-persistent servers. There is little to NO loot.
The game is playable on persistent enabled servers but it's not a challenge because too much shit is spawning.

Even Eugene admitted this. The old loot system has been rolled back FINALLY.

i agree the game is not playable at the moment. i didnt notice it at first since i had a fully equipped character and was able to hunt animals for food and items. but when i was killed by bandits i starved to death three times!!! in my oppinion apples dont supply enough kcal (i ate 20 apples and starved to death). but back to the lack of loot... i searched cherno / zeleno and 4 villages in between and i did not find a single knife or anything useful to hunt on my own again... when i starved for the 3rd time i did not even had a backpack. all i found was one tactical bacon i could not open because i had no tool to do so ...

The loot system rollback works fine yesterday, but today dunno if you change somthing but now the loot dont respawn after the restart .. we make just a test before the restart we take all from all houses in Novaya Petrovka , we take all away , drop it far far away wait the restart come back and all the houses are still empty ... no loot

Yesterday all fine today broken again :(

Yea the rollback doesn't seem to have resolved the issue. What a mess.

The rollback worked. We tried 3 different servers today, all had loot everywhere. Although we only tested on public/persistance on.

I have played both since the roll back. Pers off appears to still be fucked.

How to unsubscribe from this feedback ?

You can't escape.

I have to give them props for rolling back their botched item spawning system, at very least they had the decency to say "We fucked up". Still, I am not looking forward to their goal of a socialized loot economy. I rather have too much stuff than too little to be honest especially considering this is a game where you shouldn't get attached to any single item you have.

In regards to massive changes like this, experimental exists for a reason. There is nothing stopping privately owned experimental servers (running maintenance more often), and keeping updates in there until all is hammered out. I don't know from whom the directive of "update hits Wednesday maintenance regardless of how bad the update is", but do us all a favor and explicitly call that guy a moron, if it came from DH then I remind you he no longer works there and should not be allowed to run the project to the ground because he is no longer a part of it.

Still, whatever damage done by this update is done. Reviews are overwhelmingly negative, game dropped from top 10 into the 30s, lots of servers are empty. I hate having to say it, but if this remains the norm this game will go down the same path as WarZ (ie. a total recall with the name forever tainted).

So I can see your point. That said, I think their roll back took too long. They were aware of the issues for over a week and they let the community suffer while they "tweaked" it which in the end, failed. I understand this is an Alpha and I understand there are going to be breaks and problems but a week responding to this level of problem was UNACCEPTABLE. If you are taking in 30.00 (Bohemia) for the game hiding behind "its an Alpha" only goes so far. This should have never been rolled out without further testing and in addition there are literally a hundred things from broken weapons (like the bow) to zombies still being able to hit you when they are outside a building etc. These issues need to be addressed and resolved before you try changing a CRITICAL part of the game. We still have people dying from falling off ladders and shit and its ridiculous frankly.

"do us all a favor and explicitly call that guy a moron" LOL, loved that.

Agreed, I saw the player stat drops, I saw multiple clans closing servers etc. This was a massive fuckup and Bohemia's lack of updates and refusal to acknowledge cost the company thousands of dollars and many players.

Hi again :),

Today i was running into the forest to look after loot, i found not so much but 10 min later i see a forest house and look were all the loot spawn ...
Thats to much pleas fix this quickly ..


Actually I'll take my back my last comment. Items respawned over the Wednesday maintenance and never again afterwards. It is right now Tuesday, you can go through servers and find absolutely nothing BECAUSE NOTHING SPAWNS.

I'll say it again - item spawns are still FUCKED. Roll back the entirety of the old system because you people have no idea what you are going. Stop screwing around, drop the idea of the central loot economy, this isn't a god damn MMO where you get an impenetrable castle and put all your best items for the plebs to see. This is a game where any trip can be your last and any item should be treated as disposable.

It's like you want no one to play this game anymore (and by extension never buy from you again).

Agreed and I can verify, shit is still not spawning correctly. Me think their "we rolled back" is complete bullshit and it was only a partial rollback.

Game has dropped like a rock on review sites and users are jumping ship.

It's Wednesday morning here. I don't think there was a maintenance, there isn't shit anywhere. Good job.

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The same here. After the maintenence one week ago, i was at prison island. There was loot everywhere. Good stuff, weapons, optics, attachements, magazines, plenty ammo. It was all gone by the weekend. Now one week later there is nothing of value anywhere. The same happened to the camp at NW airfield. I lootet there for 3 days. Nothing is respawning, maybe some ammo and food, dont know. But beside of that nothing.

@Geez maybe close this ticket as resolved?

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