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May 11 2016

jmark111 added a comment to T109665: Loot respawning isn`t working items are getting extremly rare.

Yesterday i tried playing with a friend of mine. We ran from berenzino to svetlo, to novo, to the new polana town to the scrap yeard near there and never foun loot other then books. I understand you want to make it harder to find loot but this is to much. i have played today a few times as a new spawn and it is damn near impossible to survive. i understand this is an alpha game, but why force persistence on when we all knew it didnt work in the past. i think if you keep it on exp and put the persistence to an op in feature it would be fine. as of right now its completley unplayable and i have lost my joy in the game. i dont even want to play anymore because to me it seems pointless. i just dont understand why push something that doesnt work! oh and btw i really do love the new zombies and the stealth mechanics thumbs up for that, i actually fear zombies now! just fix the persistence thing and all will be great!

May 11 2016, 4:53 AM · DayZ