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0.55 Version Sucks Ass Becouse Of Zombies. You Motherfuckers.
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You Mother Fuckers Fix the fucking zombies you fucking cunt lean how to make stuff you fucking idiots i dont pay for that you cunts.


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Fix Zombies in 0.55 You Motherfuckers

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Zombies fixing in 0.55 Fucking cunts motherfuckers.

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Ah, so you're from Vulgaria?

You are very bad guy (thread opener).

But: yes, the zombies are very poor. Impossible to hit them with something cause they are way too fast in moving.

The zombies are fine. It's good that they are a challenge. They just need a little buffering out.

I really like the zombies how they act now, and i also like that it got a bit more challenging to kill them, but just for you to remember, it´s a zombie survival game. And i think in a zombie survival game the zombies should be more a threat then just a "friendly npc".

Zombies are shitty, you're right.

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Zombies are getting more frequent and more difficult, but that is supposed to be the central point of the game - Learn to survive in a a hostile world which is populated by zombies, and has scarce resources. Players will not be able to run around making noise with impunity anymore, and will have to learn to become more aware of what is happening around them, and run away, hide, avoid, or learn to kill zombies more skillfully. Up until now, zombies have not been any real threat. I am glad the game will be shifting away from being a loot-and-shoot mini-Counterstrike, and is starting to become more what it was meant to be.

That being said, there is probably a lot more balancing / tweaking to be done...

We say you are running. A zombie is behind you and another playier is running behind the zombie. If the second player is nearer to the zombie than the first player, the zombien should change his target I think.

Zombies are great, finally some challenge.

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Just wait until bears become common...

The zombies are bullshit, when you do everything you can to avoid aggro and it runs at you from 50 yards, then suddenly is blinks 15 yards up your ass and starts desyncing around you when you try to smack it with an axe. Then you after you've hit the fucker 5 times and it goes down, you realize that you've been running around in circles and 2 more zombies aggroed from across the field and they're rubber banding in your ass.

Experimental servers are always good, little desync... Get on a Vilayer or Fragnet server, absolute garbage.

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