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Fireplace Bug - Instant Hypothermia
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Bug where the fireplace immediately gives a status of hypothermia. I tested this across 3 characters on 3 different servers (2 private 1 public) with the same result each time.

The result of each was a number of status messages of "You are freezing" followed by a gradual hazing of the screen then death after a few minutes.

No amount of running, swapping clothes or being near the fire was able to warm me.

I did not experience this in 0.53 or 0.52


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Steps To Reproduce

Create fireplace kit (can be with either rags or paper)which is spawned on the ground (not inventory).

Add sticks and or logs to the fireplace kit.

Ignite fire with matches and sit in the vicinity of the now light fireplace.

Instant hypothermia.

Additional Information

I can see an older ticket from Sept 14 #0017412 which describes the same situation but it must have been resolved (if not tracked) as I have been able to survive lighting fires until now.

Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots or video but if I get the chance over the weekend I will record some footage, upload it on youtube and put a link in.

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Fires worked just fine for me. Maybe this is tied to certain conditions? Maybe overflow of some sorts?

My fires were on 1st person servers either in the woods or inside a garage.

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I had this happen when I was lighting a fireplace kit and my friend put it in his inventory while I was lighting it. We were in the middle of the road in Cherno, on a public server (1st/3rd person views).

We were both instantly hypothermic and the message appears multiple times quickly.

We threw the fireplace back down quickly and lit it for real and saved ourselves.

Geez added a comment.Apr 1 2015, 4:41 PM

Hello Alpha Julieta and thank you for the report.
Unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue you have described. Please retest once next patch hits Steam and feel free to submit another ticket in case the issue re-appears.