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Give us the option to filter out private servers.
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Title has it all. They just cludder up the list.

Apparently you can already filter out passworded servers as HaseDesTodes as noted.


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Better server browser is always welcome :)
And would probably be even better if it didn't flood out the DNS.

Supporting this idea as any others connected with SB's interface.

you can already disable pasworded servers to be shown in the sb. just set the filter "passworded" to "hide"
but actually some more filters for 1st/3rd and 3rd person servers or for public hive/private shard, and those other things you can imagine

yes, server browser definitely needs some love.

  • 1st / 1st+3rd person
  • private / public
  • daytime range or maybe something that will let you find servers with at least 1h of sunlight left
  • optional uptime and time until restart tab in server list would be a nice feature
  • server history needs a "sort by last connection date" function so you can find the servers you played on recently

+ seeing if it is actually a persistence on/off server
+ able to disable auto loading/refresh of the server list
+ manual refresh
+ able to refresh a single server from the list
+ able to see if a server is really online and working in all tabs
+ combined filter + sort options
+ drag & drop functionality
+ colors to filters
+ able to add notes

+ being able to see servers I joined via STEAM overlay (friends list) in my history.

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I agree with ideas to add filtering of 1st/3rd person servers and Private hives, as well as with adding connection time sorting to the history tab.