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Dead Upon Bumping Into a Parked V3S
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I respawned into a server in which I had stashed a V3S truck and was next to the driver side door. I took a couple of steps toward the truck and upon bumping into the side of the truck immediately died.


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Park a V3S, log out. Log back in, walk into the side of the truck.

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Same to me - 3 times from Thursday.

This happen to me last night. I was trying to run from a zombie to get to the trunk to get in , I bumped into it and it killed me.

I don't no if it makes a different but a friend was waiting in the driver seat and the engine was on

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I have had this happen twice since 0.53 update. I parked the truck in a wooded area, nosed into evergreen trees on a slight slope. Returned to the truck later, after one or more server resets, and died when I first touched the truck. (Truck made a sound like it was sliding - this is seems common when first contacting a truck on uneven ground). I respawned and returned immediately to the location both times, and there was no body or gear, although the truck was now usable.

It is because the engine is on.

Engine was off and doors closed for each event, in my case.

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Engine was off, same issue exactly as this--parked in woods, came back after 12 hours approx. (probably 6 restarts), heard the sliding sound, dead.

Respawned and found a stranger in Berezino driving around. Wiggled to him and he stopped for me. Approaching the truck passenger cabin door and screen went black. Dead, and then funny enough I hear the guy scream out "OMG I'm dead".

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Same thing happened to me yesterday. I was at Devil's Castle ... only 2 other people on the server. Bumped into the truck and died at the instant that the 'enter truck' message popped up.

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Hello perki104 and thank you for the report.
We are aware of this issue (#0021372) and it has been scheduled for a fix.