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Cant cancel when drinking direclty from Water Pump.
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We cant cancel the animation when drinking from a water pump.
We need to be able to do this in case of a player or a zed attacking.
Besides the animation takes WAY to long for adding so little on your hydration level. Hope this get high prioerty as it is crucial.

I have tested this on a number of servers and may different pumps all over cherno.


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  1. Find a water pump (does not matter which color)
  2. Drink from it
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We can cancel filling up canteens and PET bottles.

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Yeah, this is true for many situations, like making splints.

An alternative way for cancelling such action is by right-clicking on a usable item during the animation. It will give you the option to cancel within the item, though that is still inefficient.

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Can confirm. Very annoying.

andy added a comment.Feb 9 2015, 2:18 PM

Hi desnake and others - thanks for the feedback!
We are already aware of this and various other actions that cannot be cancelled and they have been scheduled for a fix - please be patient.