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Fireplace disappearing when "built" indoors
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Making a fire indoors will make the newly made fire disappear completely.


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Place fireplace kit on ground in building. Add 5 sticks to it. It disappears.

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Can confirm. Fireplaces glitch through the floor when upgraded indoors. You can still access them with the 'Vicinity' menu, but sometimes you can't - giving you the impression that it disappeared.

If you use this bug - " ", the fireplace would be dragged out back unto the ground.

The downside is that currently doing that would make the fireplace permanently not safe.

A friend of mine crafted a fireplace kit within a barn and added 5 sticks to make a fireplace while I was geathering further wood and stones outside. When I came back I cloudn't see the fireplace my two fellows didn't have any problem to see.

I recognized the position of the fireplace because my character ran against an invisible barrier. Utilising the 'inventory view' I could add 5 sticks and 8 stones. Still no oven appeared for me.

When my friend started the fire I could see the burning fireplace glitched through the floor but no oven:

Can Confirm for places like the church in svetlojarsk. Works fine in the church in elektrozavodsk