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Dead players should turn into Zombies after a ramdom while. Except when killed by headshots of course.
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Dead players' corpses should turn into Zombies after a ramdom while and come back to "life" as such. Except when killed by headshots of course.


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to quote myself from another threat:
"zombie philosopy on:
i don't think dayz zombies are actually walking corpses, as this is (scientifically) total nonsense
in the walking dead zombies don'T need to eat/drink ,although they tend to do so (as there are many running around without (a functunal) digestive system -> no eat/drink, and they are still alive
in addition zombies don't need anything (exept for the brain) a human would need to live (oxygen/blood ciculation/etc)
so the only way to kill a zombie in the walking dead is to destroy the brain
that leads me to the conclusion, that in the walking dead zombies are some magical creatures that were risen by a necromancer or curse or whatsoever
because if it's about magic, we don't need to argue about science

in dayz on the other hand enough body damage will kill the zombie, even if the brain stays intact so zombies are as mortal as humans
and with advanced zombie ai i realy like the idea of zombies going to ponds and drink, or actually eat what they have killed (or bodys they found)
like that dayz zombies could actually be human beings, that got transformed by a serious disease (that wiped out all human aspects and left a hungry, walking shell) but still are mortal in a way, that is realistic
zombie philosophy: off"

so they should not, as they already died for some reason

Survivors are immune, already established.

You forgot to add "This is what happens in The Walking Dead!"

There, I said it.

Now they'll implement it.