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multiple copies/one pc/GUID confusion
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share a PC, there are 2 steam accounts and separate copies of Dayz attached to each.

The usual issue of logging in to find housemates character and IGN, also the IGN does not correct when we join a server.

More worryingly it seems our GUID's are getting confused by Steam and/or Dayz.

I am whitelisted to several private shards, my friend is not, sometimes I am unable to join those servers (I get the 'Not whitelisted' message) and sometimes my friend, using his own steam/dayz accounts can join the whitelised servers despite not being whitelisted.

On other occasions neither of us can join the whitelisted server, it appears to be somewhat random however we noticed that if my friend plays Dayz multiple times without me playing inbetween then I am always unable to join the whitelisted server.

This suggests that our GUID's are being switched between accounts from time to time along with character and IGN's.


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Steps To Reproduce

Well, one pc, 2 steam accounts each with its own Dayz.

Log in as user A,
join a server,
Log out of Dayz and steam
Relog as user B

and you can see the player name/character issue straight away, I'm sure this is not new.

step 2
Get user A whitelisted on a server
Join the server
Log out of game and Steam
Relog as User B
attempt to play whitelisted server. (it may ir may not let you)

step 3
play dayz 2 or 3 times as user B logging in and out of Steam each time
Log otu
relog as user A and attempt to join whitelisted server, you won't be able to.

Additional Information

I hope that all makes sense, its confusing as hell for us so I imagine it is for you too, sorry, this is my first ticket and I tried to make it as clear as possible.

As I am sure you realise this has the potential to cause serious problems, for example if you shared a pc with a hacker or a troll who caused havoc with your friends etc.

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Good lord, that's awful. +1 because this is important.

Yep that sucks. Should fix that asap.