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Some items have no spawn points (0.52)
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Some items which were spawning in 0.52 experimental aren't spawning in 0.52 stable which leads me to believe there are no spawn points configured for them (as with the ak74 mags in police stations last update). They are:

Meat cleaver
Hunting knife
Pistol suppressor
Atlas bipod (been missing since 0.48)
Mp5 buttstock (also missing since 0.48)
Mp5 compensator
Mp5 rail handguard
(Chainsaw) - possibly in
Quiver for bolts
Quiver for arrows
Chenarus prison pants/shirt
Chenarus prison hat (these may be added as a prison only spawn however)
PM73 RAK 15 and 25 rnd mags

EDIT: The PM73 RAK and mags DO spawn, however the rate is ridiculously low. I saw a video where someone found a PM73 in 0.52, however they had to find more than 300 MI8 heli crashes before they found it: I think this needs looking in to.

If anyone has found any of those items in stable please leave a note :)
Some items also only spawn at Christmas trees and no where else, and they should have fixed spawns at barracks and heli crashes IMO:

Suppressor NATO
Suppressor east

Finally the .22 pistol mag for the Amphibia doesn't spawn at heli crashes like it should while the gun does. They do however spawn elsewhere (police stations, deerstands etc.)

I would politely but strongly recommend this issue be dealt with before the next update is released so we can use these items in game (the bipod and pistol supressor would be very nice to have in).

Thanks devs and I hope this can get fixed soon :) happy holidays!


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I've updated the list with mp5 attachments because they don't seem to be spawning anywhere, but please let me know if you find any of these items and upvote so the devs can see this and add the items back in :)

I find Longsword is spawning but very rare

Darcion added a subscriber: Darcion.May 8 2016, 9:04 PM

on the first 0.52 experimental patch i found every of your listen items, now they are rare as they are before.

^ yeah, my point is the items were in experimental but I don't think the items have spawn points configured in stable.

You didn't mention Red Dot Sight for FNX

Red Dot Sight for FNX spawn only on american crash site

I've found the red dot sight, it's still in :) I've added amphibia mags to the list. If anyone has any more items not spawning or spawning incorrectly please post a comment.

I've added the PM73 RAK.

confirm... i thought they put it out of the game

at first 0.52 experimental i nearly found everything. the red-dot for fnx45 the pmrak and the quiver for bolts :)

Thanks for reminding me, I've added the quiver to the list but the longsword is confirmed to be in so I'll take it out

I have found amphibia mags in various military places - tents, jail buildings, etc.

I found the quiver on stable 0.52, 4 days ago in a garden shed(!). Of course it is possible it was dropped by a player, but I can't confirm or deny that.

i have found amphibia mags but never the gun

i found a amphibia on a heli crashsite, its still in.

I know it's still in but the mags don't spawn at the heli crash but in police stations if anyone didn't understand :)

MrWayne added a subscriber: MrWayne.May 8 2016, 9:04 PM

Has Anyone found a Pistol suppressor?

yes, at the last experimental that is the same version as stable 0.52

Confirmed correctly spawn points for items
Rak mag 15rnd
Amphibia mag10rnd

Stone Knife

   Meat cleaver
   Prison uniform
   Handgun Silencer (mainly looking for)
  MP5 Compensator (mainly looking for)
   Prison Jacket
   Prison Pants
   Prison Cap
   Hunting Knife

I asked in troubleshooting. Not one of these has spawned. Our team has our own private server and have spent each 100+ hrs trying to spread out and locate these items where a bouts. Nothing.

I do not think they where introduced, or was not turned on to spawn.

We are no longer looking for these items, as it makes us look stupid trying to hunt down a .00000000001% chance it spawns a dev to turn on the button for the loot to actually spawn.

the .22 mag spawns in police stations, I had 3 in one session on public and a few on our private server.

If we find more items ill post here so we don't clutter up the threads.

Also if you review some of the wiki sites they do say police stations are included in military sites. Just saying...

I can find an ak101 akm and ak74 but never any magazines in the barracks, I'm imagining it is due to server hopping mostly, but there need to be other spawn points for their mags at least because there only being 3 places in the map to find them (all taken already) is making it virtually pointless to get an ak model in the first place. And I don't mean just in police stations because that's a band-aid on a massive flesh wound of an issue. There are how many DayZ players? And how many of these mags spawn?

Thanks for the information guys, I've updated the issue now. Thanks FIRM for the list but what do you mean about military sites?

cs_wolf added a subscriber: cs_wolf.May 8 2016, 9:04 PM

you cant find stone knives. you have to make them. Search the ground for a small stone. hen you get it put it in your hand and look at where you found the stone. There will be an option to make stone knife.

Sorry guys, no longer with the firm clan, We started our own called and we have our own server (cant change the name). I can restart it any time and we have looked high and dry for these items. None is spawning.

The 22 clip is in the police station as I got 3 the other day on public persistent on.

@heirfuhrer Ok thanks very much we didn't try to figure that item out as it was below the m5 and pistol silencers.

@snipertrifle I have never seen a chainsaw or anyone else. Meat Cleaver or any of the items listed.

I am guessing top end 1000+ teddybears, and about 300+ heli spawns, and about 500 Military spawns or more.

I do not believe the forums of a person finding a prison top (unless it was a one time thing)

The spawn loot would be approx. .001% out of 1000 spawns or more to drop one of these items.

ClanZ guys have all of the gear in the game, up to the newest items not found.
PVE server until we open the public PVP one.

@kyndjiall those mags are very common, to common mostly in the barracks. Chances are people are camping those spawn locations and looting all so you don't get them. Even if they drop them in the forest so you don't get it. But they are there.

Military sites include Police station, firehouse, barracks, prison, tents, towers.

I recommend if you do try to search an item out do look at Dayz Wiki and the other sites to cross reference the locations of these items.

Odd times they do change locations like the 22 clip for the amp. from heli to police. I am not sure of anything below 52 patch as I am rather new to dayz.


the first 0.52 experimental was really cool, you found everything everywhere or on one point ;)

i got all stuff in one building.

i made two small videos for some stuff but you will see how much stuff was there.

at that time we found all prison items and all nato-items and many more.

but now, it is hard and rare, let us hope it is a bug that some items are not in again.

Your post isn't about the items that are non existent. we found those already long ago.

TY for confirming the Nato, East silencers and the sword prior though

Any info would be appreciated devs

andy added a comment.Jan 9 2015, 1:14 PM

Hey snipertrifle and huge thanks for taking the time to do this!
Rest assured we have been monitoring the ticket.
We have now confirmed that PM73Rak and Arrow quivers are indeed not spawning - it has been scheduled for a fix. The other items seem to be fine but we'll double check to be sure.

Thanks for this Andy! However, since NO ONE has found the ATLAS bipod since 0.48, the MP5 attachments from exp 0.52 in stable or the handgun supressor I am willing to bet a lot that they aren't spawning either. It's odd how half the new items are spawning (hockey stick, bomber jackets) but the cleaver and hunting knives aren't.

Calibre added a subscriber: Calibre.May 8 2016, 9:05 PM

pretty sure weapon flash lights have stopped spawning in .52 i've been looking for one pretty much since it was released

I can confirm that pistol flashlights are spawning.

yeah, pistol flashlights are spawning for sure, I ain't seen any weapon ones yet in .52

Has anyone found the atlas bipod since 0.48? If not I think this is bugged andy

PM73 RAK does in fact spawn in the MI crash sites, I have seen one in the update. No luck with the mag however. Definitely could use a few more spawn points, same for the smersh vest. In fact I think the helicopters should be loaded with loot given their rarity. Something like at least 1 guaranteed western primary spawn, at least 1 guaranteed western secondary spawn, and mags for the guns. Finding a chopper should be like Christmas, not a disappointment because the site decided to spawn an officer's cap and two makarovs. Maybe the lower bound for loot should be increased? Pretty much every single spot in the chopper would spawn something?

Maybe add some NATO camps out in the woods that'll have chance of carrying western loot? Making loot difficult to find makes the game tedious, not hard, and only encourages more server hopping.

That's about it.

The following do not spawn, or at least I have no reason to believe that they do:
Meat cleaver
Hunting knife
Pistol suppressor
Atlas bipod (disappeared in .48 or .49, I had a few after the grand wipe, there's definitely a few in some hands, kinda useless since the mosin no longer accepts them)
Mp5 buttstock
Mp5 compensator
Mp5 rail handguard
Quiver for bolts
Quiver for arrows (never seen one anyways, do they even exist in the game?)
Chenarus prison pants/shirt
Chenarus prison hat

There are also numerous items that have been scrapped from the game, like the tactical vest and the Zluta sodas. Both of which I'd like to see make a reappearance eventually. The tactical vest mostly because it is an armor item like the press vest, survived 3 mosin shots before thanks to one. All other vests in fact do not offer any protection higher than general clothing.

Weapon flashlights are all over the place. I saw one in a garage yesterday.

^ this. Thanks for the extra info. Russian helis should spawn a lot more than they do but Andy recently said he wouldn't change that. But devs, please add those items back in game, I really miss the bipod :(

Is this issue still being looked at? If not, I will open a new ticket.

Has anything changed in 0.53? Haven't seen the missing 0.52 items yet.

New ticket:
This one appears to have died.

rachii added a subscriber: rachii.May 8 2016, 9:05 PM

Why they fix Sunglasses Spawn so fast and the Other stuff that not spawn is not fixed since 0.48 or longer

andy added a comment.Feb 17 2015, 4:49 PM

Thanks for keeping us updated, snipertrifle and others!
We have found some issues with the spawning of a lot of the items mentioned here and they have been scheduled for a fix.

Thanks Andy! Much appreciated :)

It's worth also looking at this post:
This has a few more items which aren't spawning.

In unrelated matter, the mosin could definitely use some kind of a bipod. If not an atlas then maybe some WW2 era one, they do exist. Kinda stupid to take that out without having any valid replacement.

Almost all the items are spawning again :D

However, there a re a few which still aren't:

AK Bayonet
Quivers for Arrows and Bolts

@Geez hi :)

Please check this ticket, i think it's obsolete

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