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Ghillie SUIT unable to be painted green
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When you try to paint the ghillie SUIT (the one that covers the WHOLE body) you are unable to, but you can paint the ghillie top with no issues. Simple fix would be adding a green model of it to the game.


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I am unable to paint any part of the guille suit. I have the gun wrap and head cover but cant paint either of them.

@heirfuhrer maybe relog? I was able to paint them but not the suit

also it needs like 40% or more, so better try a full can of spraypaint

@tactic: the title says unable to paint it green... can you paint it black/mossy?^^

cans were 100. tried black can and green can

@Hase nothing worked for me, and ghillies HAVE to be painted green first (or woodland), the black canister only comes if you want to change the woodland ghillie to mossy

+1 this

It's annoying. I spend a long time looking for all the burlap only to not be able to paint it green.

I think the issue is that the game thinks you need more than 100% of a can to paint it. If it was a missing item with an existing formula would make it disappear.

all of a sudden I can paint mine green again. I did change from a full damaged can to a full pristine can. not sure if this would make a difference.


We're talking about Ghillie Suit here, an item actually called that which covers the entire body aside for the head, hands, and feet. Made from 10 burlap strips and 4 nettings (as opposed to a top which only covers the shoulders, back, and upper thighs from behind).

I checked what you said. A pristine can didn't work either. The suit is presently bugged and I hope they'll fix that soon.


I realize this, but I had the SUIT and couldn't paint it. I died and now have the gun wrap and head piece that I could not paint for a while either but all of a sudden I can paint now. So I would consider this the same issue since they are all ghillie related.

I just create a ticket here the same problem, I should be more attentive, would not have created a ticket more.

And the bug really is, and tried to paint the ghille full suit with a green tin in perfect condition, and could not.

Confirming this bug, hella annoying

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same issue for me

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The video I've seen on it recently pointed out you need at least 2 cans of green (for woodland) and 2 cans of green and 2 cans of black for mossy- I think for the full ghillie suit... not sure if that includes the top and the rap. A lotta paint, either way.

If you'd tried painting with one can green- then one can black and deciding it didn't work... that might be the reason why you tried painting it again with another can and it did work.

The issue is simple. When we drag a can of paint over the suit, we simply do not receive the option to paint. The can goes red, as if we are trying to perform an action that isn't allowed in game. No matter how many cans of paint we have in inventory, in what condition, the result is the same. The option to paint the full ghillie suit just does not appear.

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Hey everyone and thanks for your feedback.
The issue here seems to be that the ghillie does not allow re-spraying - it has been scheduled for the designers to take a look.

Thanks for the update. I don't think re-spray is accurate. I can't spray the first coat.
It stays tan.

andy added a comment.Jan 8 2015, 2:08 PM

Okay, this should hopefully be fixed after the next patch, please submit a new ticket if something is still not working.
Thank you,