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Boat spawns not in stable 0.51
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I'm a Ghillie kinda guy and found all my netting at the boat spawns of Berezhki 151015 and have hopped on to see nothing spawning.


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-Note: This was on 2 servers linked in a private hive, both servers showed no spawn [=UN=/-ZaP-] version# 51.125720

  • Even though they're not password protected, I'll check other public servers too

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andy added a comment.Dec 5 2014, 3:08 PM

Hi HugoStiglitz,
would it be possible to let me know if this is still an issue? Everything seems to be fine on our end - possibly you just had bad luck?

This may be an issue having to do with loot spawning. I also visited Berezhki on two separate occasions several hours apart to find no loot in any building, boat, or on the ground.

Over the course of looking for netting, we have only found 1 netting in an outhouse near Berizeno. Our search for more has gone fruitless

I think the problem is regarding Netting spawn rate and non-persistent servers. I've tried all sorts of boat spawns and I haven't seen a single item. People have said there's a every 6 restarts parameter on the netting spawn, but every restart is a fresh start for non-persistent servers.

Confirmed. I couldn't find any loot at all on boats though friends told me I ought to at least find wellies and boonie hats.
Hopped around Berezhki in roughly 30 servers today and there were three servers with any loot on boats at all (one 2x netting loot) and the others were all completely bare.

I've spent several days in Berezhki now, mostly chilling waiting for fellow hoppers to loot. I caught about 10, but needless to say, NOBODY ever had any netting on them.

I also did about 20 runs each day myself on all sorts of servers, and there is no loot spawns despite server resets. Seems that if there is any loot on boats AT ALL though, it is only on PERSISTENT servers!

I also noticed that despite the server maintenance yesterday, the loot is still the same.

Another thing I noticed is that on one server, all the boonie hats were visible but non-lootable (not in vicinity and also no context menu popping up ingame), so I suppose that their point of reference is below the surface and thus non lootable.

So I wonder if on the servers were there is apparently no loot in the boats, the loot is there but under the ground?

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 8:47 PM

we test it yesterday. The full Server have NO loot on non-persistance Server near the boats.
Only on persistance Server is loot and there the nettings are not post-loaded after the Server loot was created.

Was on three servers today.
One had zero boat loot, the other two were FULL of rain jackets and boonie hats. Like 6-8 items per boat roughly.
And I kid you not, on one of the servers I found 12 (!!!) nettings (3 spawns on one server in one session, 4 nettings each)

Looks like you tipped the scales in the opposite direction?

Well I'm super ghillied out now so I don't need to hunt any hoppers anymore, I suppose =o)

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Haos added a comment.Aug 8 2015, 8:16 PM

I think this issue needs to be raised again in current 0.58.128953 Exp branch. There is nothing spawned at the boats, not even trash items. Last netting i found in 0.58 Exp branch was back when lootsplosion bug was still unfixed.