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[SUGGESTION] Museum Building - Unique Loot: Gerand, KAR98, Period Items, Swords.
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Something I have been thinking about recently has been how could other weaponry, clothing and items be added into the game without it breaking the feel of the authenticity of the experience.

A museum! A large complex type building that is set up like a special location, similar to the shipwreck at Riffy.

This would be the only location to possibly find say the AUG, or even the M4 but maybe even weapons that are more period than this too. Muskets? M1 Gerand? Swords etc? WW1 and 2 era weapons from all sides, the Japanese Arisaka?

This could push beyond just weaponry; Clothing and items could include some WW2 themed uniforms, backpacks? Just an idea I had, so I threw it out here.

I think some more special locations such as the shipwreck would really add to the game. Possibly have the museum far West? Maybe on Skalisty Island?


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I don't think you should find modern NATO weaponry in a Museuam (let alone functioning firearms). But medieval weapons like swords, axes, maces and maybe even armor is a possibility. If it has to be firearms they shouldn't be newer than World War II.

I think a good location for a museum is any city (Skalisty Island is way too rural) but I would rule out the spawning cities - maybe one of the northern ones (Novaya Petrovka, Severograd, Kamensk, Novodmitrovsk if the spawns get removed) or as a replacement for the Zelenogorsk military base.

I agree about the functioning weapons and also the NATO weaponry etc but was just an idea. I think for axes etc it would be kinda cool, or possibly for period type clothing and items this would be kinda cool to explore if it was large enough to be unique. Caveman outfit? lol

Replacement for Zelenogorsk Military Base I agree with 100%. There is a military location every 1000m along that west coast and it feels too militarised. At least this would break it up a bit.

Thanks for your feedback!

This has excellent potential, though it would be 100% civilian.
Old clothes are a great idea, though I don't imagine they'd be very durable. I'd like to see WW1 canteen reskins, helmets, old ammo pouches, WW1-2 boots with spats, maybe a vintage army motorcycle? None of the firearms in the museum would be functional (and forget about finding ammo), but you'd have plenty of entrenching tools and bayonets.

I REALLY like the idea of black powder guns, though.

this is a great idea

Hell yes. Do want. This is fantastic idea!

We could always replace military bases as well as supplying weapon loot to the survivors without breaking the authenticity. Cannot agree more. I hope this gets worked on in same manner with the prison building.

I agree with evil minion about not being able to find functional firearms, but in general, this is a really great idea! Even if they didn't necessarily add a museum but added more special locations I think it would add excitement to the game in terms of exploring and finding unique items.

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