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Missing the Ability to ignite a Fireplace inside a House on a ceramic tile Flooring, it says: "It's not safe."
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I understand, that lighting an open Fireplace on a wooden Floor in a Hut is not save, as the wooden Floor could instantly start burning, too. I though enjoyed sitting near a Fireplace inside a Building with a stone or ceramic tile Floor, being able to lock the Zombies out and recover from Hurts or shelter from Rain. Now it keeps saying: "Can't ignite Fireplace here. It's not save." So do we have to ignit a Fireplace always out in the Open or in some Garage with non-closeable Doors at least? That would be a Pity...


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Craft Fireplace-Kit inside a Building with ceramic tile Floors.

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I think you should be able to lite a fire anywhere - in RL, there would not message like "its not safe" come up, the house would probably just burn down ( or the floor ).

I agree that open garages should be safe, but any sort of house or fully enclosed structure comes with the risk of asphyxiation from smoke, not just risk of fire.

andy added a comment.Dec 11 2014, 11:53 AM

Hey guys,
I have talked about this to the designers and the mechanic is semi-intended as it prevents clipping and such issues. However, if there are locations that obviously should allow the fireplace to be lit up at, please feel free to attach screenshots of such locations to the ticket and I'll see what can be done.
Thank you,

Me and my mate could light a fire in one of the big barns. The one with new two doors and two stairs. We Started it beneath the stairs.

SgtPotatoes, you think it's not safe to light a fire in a house with a fireplace?

Just saying.

You have a point with the asphyxiation though.

I think it's a bad workaround fix.
If I want to burn the house down, why can't I?
This is the apocalypse.

That aside I think you should at least be able to make a fire in every building with a stone surface with a wide enough airspace.
Fire stations, Red iron plated barns, control tower all of the floors. (i'm counting the space above a staircase as airspace), front porch of houses.

For the moment i'm not able to test some of those places because the fireplace just falls through the ground.

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I thought that the fact that there is a fireplace in the house should do the trick? As for the floors, I don't get it.