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.380 logic issue
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This is less of a bug, and more of a logic issue. Both of the weapons that the .380 is used in are military loot, the smg is only found at heli crashes, so it can be said is very rare. Yet the .380 auto is a residential spawning ammo loot? I think it should be removed from the residential loot. It doesn't make sense to have ammo without the guns. As a consumer if I owned a 9mm pistol why would I go and buy military ammo for a gun I don't have?


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I understand, I was addressing the last two lines of your ticket. The Makarov is not a military pistol anymore, .380 auto is not military ammunition. As far as I've read, the Mak wasn't manufactured in .380 auto until it became commercially available after the collapse of the USSR. If there were any candidate for a pistol that you can find just about anywhere in Chernarus, it's the Makarov.

But you're correct, I'm just speculating on the tables.

I would argue, however, that just because the only .380 guns are miltary loot right now doesn't mean that .380 wouldn't be common in civilian areas. They don't have to be married, and it would be a hassle to have to raid military zones just for the second weakest round in the game.

The Makarov is exceedingly common, having been manufactured by many different countries for many years. It's hardly miliary exclusive, and will likely be the most common firearm once loot tables are set up.

Sgt Potatoes your profile says you are a reporter like me. Let's not speculate about what future loot tables may look like. I am simply reporting on what they are now.

Even though the guns might be mostly (found my Makarov with magazine in Cherno) military loot that doesn't mean the ammo has to be as well.

Being able to find .380 rounds in civilian areas gives weapons using them a distinct advantage and make the dynamics and balance more interesting by having guns that require to go into military areas to find them but can be supplied from civilian areas.

Its basically like an inverse SKS - nothing wrong with this.

andy added a comment.Dec 11 2014, 12:58 PM

Hi Halcyon1 and others,
thank you for your feedback! After a talk with the designers, I have to say that this is intended. PM73 Rak and Makarov can be found at non-military lootspawns.
Thanks for understanding,