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Fog of War
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Peeking over walls or around corners has a massively negative impact on gameplay by adding assymetric vision where one party can see the other while remaining 100% hidden. This emphasizes hiding and camping and disallows the use of several tactics. It also reduces the vision disadvantage aquired by using particular items (mostly jackets and backpacks).

It also imposes a massive handicap on the use of the first person option which in turn increases demand of servers limited to this view. On the other side many players like to see their character in third person at least from time to time for various purposes. Overall this results in a split of the community.

To solve the issue there should be something like the "Fog of War": People are able to use the third person view but non-static objects (players, loot, NPCs, some effects etc.) aren't visible outside the natural "first person" vision area.


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Might also help to reduce the impact of some "wall glitches" especially when logging into a server.

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you mean true sight. Maybe this can be a server forced option.

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Why don't you just play on first person servers only if you don't like the fact that people are using the third person view?

And by the way: you can use the third person for your own advantage, too.

Because peeking fucks up the gameplay. So you basically have to decide if you want better gameplay without asymmetric vision or if you want to see your character in third person.

Having third person available is a good thing, peeking is a bad thing. Why can't we get third person without peeking?

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Downvoted - not because "peeking" is not a problem, but because this real-life vision is not a good solution. An easiest way to avoid players "scouting" areas using 3rd person view could be a better positioning of the camera when you're facing obstacles. This should prevent any peeking when, for example, you face a wall and try to "look" with 3rd person camera over and around it: when the game automatically relocate the camera much closer to your character all you see is a wall.


Thanks for sending in your suggestion in regards to the 3rd person view. I'll close the ticket since it seems unlikely that the devs would develop and implement such a feature at this point in time.