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Lose control of character. keeps moving won't stop moving seems to be worst with AI or other player character.
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character will at random intervals become unresponsive and continue to do something, As in glide forward after the release of the mouse and keyboard. it will turn in a circle run in a circle teleport back a few steps then glide forward. This seems to increase in likelihood While running and/or when zombies or other players are in close proximity. In at least one instance without hearing a gun shot two player characters approached me and I died instantly from their reaction I believe they were as surprised as me. I never had this happen before the .50 update to stable


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When these symptoms start happening in game, press P to open the "players" list, and click on your own name. Check what the "desync" value is. If everything is going well, your desync value should be zero (0).

This can happen if you go to the desktop and can be solved in the same way.
Try to go on desktop when it happens

I checked the desync value and it was at times as high as 8000 and others it ranged from 0 to 275. There seemed to be no consistency to it.

"This can happen if you go to the desktop and can be solved in the same way.
Try to go on desktop when it happens" Do you mean alt+tab? or maybe steam overlay?

There does not seem to be a lot of people with this problem. Should I be looking at my hardware? Could it be my mouse or a bad internet connection?

The same thing happens on experimental as of this date.

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Hi shayboe,
thanks a lot for keeping us updated! Really appreciated.
It is indeed possible that this is caused by alt+tabbing or using the Steam overlay, please feel free to let us know if you believe there is a connection.
I'd also like you to check this with a different mouse/keyboard, if possible.
Another thing you can try is disabling macros in case you are using some.

The issue is indeed something quite unusual - we will see what can be done.

I have used a new mouse. It did not affect the problem. I will try a different keyboard but I do not expect it will make a difference with this problem or problems as the case may be. I do not use MACROs and would not know how. While I am familiar with alt/tab to bring up the steam overlay and/or switch windows,In my experience I have not used those functions during most of the game sessions and the problem seems to persist. I have up loaded some system info in the form of a picture in hope that there is not a problem with it's configuration and game function. As of this writing the .51 update to stable has not made any change with this problem. Here is a short video of the problem I look forward to the resolution of this so I can get back to surviving and thriving in cherno once again. Still having the same problem as of 12-08 2014.



Also suffering the same issue, possibly jumping to conclusions but it seems more prevalent on private hives and it seems to trigger at the same time as a player joins a private hive for the very first time...

Have seen this happening whilst the player list shows 0 desync. In my playgroup, roughly half of us have suffered this problem at least once - though I'm getting it every time I try to play.

Tested with a new (simple) keyboard and mouse, I don't use steam overlay and I have had it happen without alt-tabbing. I have three monitors connected, though the problem continues even when they are disabled via software.

Windows 7 64 bit here.

I am not sure weather to be glad or not, that their are others with this problem. If it were just me then a hardware switch would have cleared it up . Now, I am at the mercy of the powers that be and the community can't even help me. I tried cutting the power to two of my monitors and disabling them as well it had no positive affect.

There seems to be some kind of lag going on . When the character gets stuck doing something for a short period of time there after any input is played out in part with the same elongated persistence as the first input weather it be a combination of W,A,S,D, or mouse input. The attack button and the inventory button are unaffected as far as I can tell. I have also noticed that my 1234567890 quick inventory buttons rarely work but am not sure if this is related or an other problem entirely.

Now my pc locks up or freezes and I have to restart it. I love the game when it is working right but it is not worth the frustration right now I will keep a look out for some kind of response with a cure for any of my ales but I may have to find something else to play till someone who knows more than I can work on these issues. The freezes where software related and on my end. but the random movement issues are still persist.

Noticed this on reddit it seems to be in the same vain as the one I have reported.

I can now confirm that the same issue persists on windows 7 pc with a HDD as apposed to the SSD and windows8.1 that I use the most.

Some combination of the .53 update and improvements to the stability of my internet connection have all but eliminated this problem. Also I disconnected some of the USB devises I had on this PC Windows8.1.

Latest update has made this problem so small it is barely noticeable

Liscion added a subscriber: Liscion.May 8 2016, 8:36 PM

I'm experiencing the same. I even died from this exact issue last night.

The character doesn't respond to keyboard input but it's like it's queueing up actions (e.g. equipping a weapon, jumping and walking, etc.) and once the "lag" dissapears it fires all actions one by one.

I was standing on the dock across the chruch in Cherno and fell down 1 meter and died because of this :p

But yeah, like OP says; it happens rarely these days. I think it's just server lag.

From today I start experiencing exactly the same issue! Whenever I login to any public server after some moving my char starts to glide several seconds and I loose control over it. The only move possible almost without this glitch is move in crouching, but its unacceptable - too slow. Please devs, look deeper in this problem, I cant play now simply!

I have the same issue, and very often the problem with server getting me back where I was in few seconds earlier

I had this for days. Had to reset my router. That helped.

Sounds like its just a bad connection to the server on your end.