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[0.50.125369 Stable] "HOT" Status Taking 10-20mins To Go Even When Naked In Water
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The "HOT" status is taking around 15 minutes to disappear even when laying in water. Myself and a group of friends are all experiencing constantly being Hot even when naked and laying in water. We have tried laying and sitting in water fully clothed and naked but it still takes a huge amount of time to disappear.
Once we are finally no longer Hot, even while naked, a short run/jog brings back the Hot status.


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I totally agree with this, I was "hot" and "wet" at the same time for a good 10 minutes... This is not realistic. If you go in a pool or pond etc you will be cooled off straight away IRL. I understand it's a game though and as such still needs to have gameplay mechanics rather than total realism but it definitely needs balancing.

I noticed that this happens most often with people who wear the Gorka Jacket. Maybe it's bugged.

After I took the Gorka Jacket off I would no longer overheat as much.

@TiredMiner - Unfortunately that isn't the case. Neither my friends nor I are wearing any Gorka apparel. My friends are all dressed in Cargo pants and Tactical shirts, myself in Cargo pants and a green checked shirt.

But as I said, once we managed to cool off, we tried running around buck naked just skin and the white vest and underwear, still we became Hot and again took a long time to cool off even when submerged in water.

It just seems like a little balancing is needed. If you're Cold, Freezing or Hypothermic and you light a fire, you lose the Cold statuses in 2-3 seconds and become Hot just a few seconds after. But when you're Hot, Overheating or Hyperthermic, it takes 10+ minutes even when naked submerged in water or in the rain to lose the Hot statuses, and a further 10+ minutes to become Cold.

The issue is exaggerated by the fact that a lot/all servers have an issue where Water Pumps/Wells do not work, so finding water sources is a little tougher, and with the Hot and Overheating statuses you lose water a lot faster, making it a pain having to stop every 5-10mins for a drink.

andy added a comment.Nov 7 2014, 1:33 PM

Hi Euphoria and others,
thank you for your feedback!
It has been noted by the designers and they'll see about tweaking this in the future.

andy added a comment.Nov 7 2014, 2:06 PM

We decided to keep this in for now - it is a result of another temperature related mechanic, disabling of which would probably cause more problems than this.
If you genuinely feel this is problematic, feel free to submit new tickets and we will take your feedback into consideration.
Also keep in mind that this most likely is not the final version of the temperature system. Please be patient while we are working on the balance.
Thank you for understanding,