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[PRIMARY REPORT] Items dropped on ground during usage of another item are not returned into hands properly
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When an item is removed from hands because of an action being performed which requires another item in the hands slot (e.g. bandaging) and dropped on the ground (automatically if there is no space for it in inventory, manually by the player), it will be glitched visually and functionally upon being returned to hands once the action is finished. It will also seem to be still present at the place where it was dropped.


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Hold an item that doesn't fit in inventory. Use another item eg food.

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In addition ti this issue, there is a general problem with items that you find not being able to be picked up unless you do the follwing:

  1. While the loot item is visible in the inventory interface, drag it to the edge as if to "drop" it.
  1. The item now disappears and gets relocated to close by areas.

For example, if you find an SKS on experimental, you might have to hunt for it around a house if you want to be able to pick it up. Sometimes the item just disappears.

I have figured out what happens... The item you have in your hands gets dropped at the location you first eat/drink etc, but when you automatically pick it up right afterwards the item's location doesn't save, it stays in the game world location that you first dropped it to eat/drink. If you return to that point it will still be there.

This cost me a few items before I figured out the work-around. Definitely needs to be addressed.

To solve this in the mean time after you automatically pick up the item immediately drop it and pick it up again into your hands. This will save it's location on your character.

Because you don't automatically pick it back up after eating. You have to pick up things that are dropped on the ground because its not in your inventory anymore

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It looks like you pick up your secondary rifle, but it doesn't actually pick it up. You have to manually pick it up on the floor. I don't know why someone down voted this. Its still a bug

Roadrage you clearly don't read... When you drop things you obviously have to pick it back up. What we are saying is that if you are double carrying and you eat something your avatar drops the said item but straight afterwards picks it back up automatically... You can use it. Fire it etc as if you have picked it up. But the problem is that it technically hasn't been picked up even though it appears so. I bet you down voted this issue due to your inability to understand what we are saying.

Beav added a comment.Nov 3 2014, 4:30 PM

Wait a minute - are we talking about current experimental or stable?

There is a new system in experimental where it picks up what you dropped, but it doesnt work properly and it looks like you pick it up but you dont. I thought we were talking about experimental?

I didn't realize you were talking about experimental, my bad. That being said you don't need to be an asshole about it.

Sorry I didn't mean to be an asshole. This is a problem in experimental branch.

andy added a comment.Nov 4 2014, 2:06 PM

Hey everyone,
thanks for your feedback.
We are looking into the issue at the moment.

This happens in stable branch 0.50 too.
It must have carried over from experimental.

I just submitted a report about it and it was merged with this one.

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Confirmed on STABLE.
Also got merged here, but my problem is another so I will reopen my post.

I did had the weapon in hands after eating or whatever, but I clicked it away and picked it up off the ground. I did this, because I saw it in my hands AND on the ground.

Still after a while the weapon in my hands just dissapeared.

EDIT: Can't reopen the post, as to no acces rights, so this here will have to do.
My post:

andy added a comment.Nov 10 2014, 4:56 PM

Hey f1v3,
we are aware of the fact that the weapon can appear both on the ground and in hands - I still believe your issue is the same as this one, however please feel free to submit a new ticket if you feel otherwise.

f1v3 added a comment.Nov 11 2014, 11:25 AM

Nah, it's cool.
If you have it on the radar, I see no point in spamming the Bugtrcker.

Thanks Andy.

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andy added a comment.Nov 25 2014, 12:40 PM

Hi everyone,
this has been fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam in the next week or so.
Thank you all for your help on this.