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[PRIMARY REPORT] Loot cycling
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Looting an area a distance away from any other major area produces loot respawning far too easily, military tents West of Myshkino can be endlessly loot cycled. Took roughly thirty minutes to get more than fully geared, healthy, enough ammo to take out a small army and a wardrobe that would put a clothing chain to shame.

Vid here


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Pick up all loot in an are and stash it in backpacks or clothing to reduce loot items. Wait for new loot.

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Very informative and well made video :) Thanks!

i agree, the loot respawn mechanics need some tweaking, but i think we all can be glad it's impelmented.. remember when we needed server restarts for that (not that we had problems with that as long as the servers restart/crash every 30min)
players should not see items respawning, it need some blocking mechanism (no respawn when someone is nearby, but also leaving the area and coming back should not simply make items respawn

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Hey Hetstaine and others,
thank you for your feedback on this issue. There have been some changes scheduled that should eventually take care of this problem, but they might take some time - please be patient.
Thanks again,

What's the status on this one? What I hear cycling is still very much possible in .58 experimental. Could someone update this please?

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Cycling is possible by design. It still works in .58 stable.

Remove loot from building and depending on the timing loot will respawn immediately. Ultimately you can clear out a building, wait 30 minutes and new still will appear.

It's the design, they'll streamline it eventually.