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Footwear damaged to fast
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I have gone through 3 pairs of shoes since the patch, not sure if its just me or a bug. I like the idea of items wearing out but its to fast on the shoes.


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i am experiencing the same... feels like every 5 minutes of running shoes get degraded by one (pristine->worn->damaged->etc)
this is defenetly to harsh, even if its intended.
imo at least shoes that are intended to walk much in realty should last much longer.. i could understand that leather shoes or wellies get degraded fast, but not hiking or military boots

andy added a comment.Oct 23 2014, 3:32 PM

Hi Dawgstyl,
thank you for your feedback.
We are aware of the issues and the whole mechanic is a subject to future tweaking.
Please be patient while we try to ensure the optimal solution.

Can confirm this...even if you're able to "repair" the shoes with duct tape, you simply can't carry around enough tape or spare shoes to make it from, let's say, Berezino to Dubrovka without running out of Duct Tape...therefore I'm not going to play (and so will not be able to hunt down bugs/glitches) the experimental version until this is nerfed...sorry about that...

I ran from berezino school to the police station. my pristine shoes was ruined by the time I got there

Stilton added a subscriber: Stilton.May 8 2016, 8:23 PM

I think i have found a bug with this system to be honest...

I ran into a building and my screen gave the effect of having been shot/hit by a zombie... But my trousers had gone from pristine to ruined... and the rice inside them had become ruined too, but not the bullets...

I was on stable, on an empty server and there were no zombies about...
I'm not sure if this is 100% accurate, because i don't know exactly how the system works but this happened whilst seeing various 'my feet hurt / are sore' etc messages..

Could this be a bug with the footwear degredation? Or an invisible zombie? Which i have yet to see (badum cshhh)