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Zombies run through doors that are locked with the lockpick
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On several occasions I have tried the new lockpick, for example I wanted to eat or bandage in a room on an upper floor in Cherno. I locked the door and began eating. I hear a zombie shout and aggro on me.

Sure enough he came into the building and went up the stairs (navmesh ftw), unfortunately, the state of the door was not recognized. He passed right through it and attacked me.

Tried it with some other doors, with two other it was the same, at the third I ran into another player and died to his bullets :D


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Steps To Reproduce
  • latest experimental
  • aquire lockpick, lock a door inside a building and/or building main door
  • check if zombies recognize the correct state (that is open/close and locked/unlocked!)

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Thank you for your report, moeb1us!
I have confirmed the issue and it is now scheduled for a fix.

Yep, same thing happened to me.

On stable, the zombies cruise through 99% of the doors, too.

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Makes the lock feature pretty useless since you can't use it against zombies.

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I didnt experience that zombos are running through doors in running situations, sometimes they can when the door get closed too late.
But sometimes, when you shut a door and shoot or punch it somehow,
the zombos can imidiatly jump through that door like a flying superman and one-hit you down. Happend two times...
And in the big metal building with blue doors. Both doors were closed, but when you shoot, the zombos can run through the doors.

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I think that when a zombie is behind a door, if you punch the door (opens a tiny bit) it can get in aswell.

I have seen this as well. I had two zombies outside a closed door at a jail house. They could not get in as the door was closed. I then locked the door with a lockpick and they immediately came through the closed door to attack me.

This might also be related:
On another occasion a zombie was outside a closed door. His arm was partially glitching through the door. I decided to see if I could shoot him through the door. As soon as the bullet hit the door the zombie came running through the closed door.

also, zombies can walk 'through' a partially opened door(by hitting it). Basically you can 'make' zombies walk through the enemy's door by shooting it once. I don't think that is intended.