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[Experimental branch] Zucchini doesn't help your hunger anymore
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You can eat all the zucchinis in the world and still die of starvation.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Wait for the starvation status (aprox 15 min from the moment you spawned in)
  2. Eat zucchini
  3. Die of starvation
Additional Information

I heard this also happens with apples.
Mmhmm.. fix it pls?

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What you say about apples is wrong. THe fact though is that the calorie factor is totally off.

Yesterday, I spent three hours picking and eating (was constantly stuffed) apples and went from orange hunger to dark green energised. Never reached light green despite having eaten 90 apples in three hours. Which is roughly as much as three McDonalds super-size meals.

I really don't get why they made fruit so ridiculously weak.

Fact is, anybody that is "starving" will make it through the whole day without dying of starvation from only one apple. Eating 30 apples is enough to give a bricklayer the energy he needs for one day.

andy added a comment.Oct 9 2014, 10:34 AM

Hello PostMortem,
I looked into this and was not able to reproduce the issue. While the nutritional values may be a bit off in some player's opinion, it seemed fine to me. I have however noted your feedback and will look further into the problem.
Thank you,