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Zombies vs new players zombies 1 new players 0
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Zombies can run faster hit harder and pretty much destroy a player 1 vs 1. A new player should be able to:
A. Kill one zombie.
B. be able to knock down the zombie while punching it to get away (critical hit etc)
or C. being unweighted down by useful weapons and gear be able to run away faster than the zombie can catch them and have the zombie de-agro.

Or have a much lower chance of attracting a zombie because they can move "quieter" without gear. Though if they come face to face they are still zombie chow.

Related issue. Zombies can see through walls and hear footsteps at 200 steps away.


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A: check, just punch them to death
B: check, just punch him in the face
C: true, players not carying much weith should be able to run faster

Game is in alpha, so don't expect the AI to be done yet.

A: Can easily be done. Zombies do not hit very hard (unless you are a piece of clothing) and have much less hitpoints than a healthy survivor.

B: Can be done by hitting the head. Also a good way to kill them.

C: Most zombies are unweighted as well so they should not be slower than an ungeared player.

I like the idea of more gear making you slower and less sneaky though.

andy added a comment.Oct 9 2014, 11:29 AM

thank you for your feedback. Zombie balance is something we are actively working on and in our strive for the optimal solution, suboptimal situations are bound to happen as we have to experiment.
Thanks again, your feedback has been noted but it is not something that could be considered a single bug with a clear way of fixing.